7 Day Fat Burner review

What is 7 Day Fat Burner?

7dfb.jpg7 Day Fat Burner is a diet pill that claims to help those trying to lose weight and who need drastic results right away. These results are so dramatic in fact, that the website for the 7 Day Fat Burner claims that you can lose 7-21 pounds in just one week after taking the pill for its full course.

In addition to the many pounds that you’ll be shedding, 7 Day Fat Burner also promises to act as a body detoxifier, a bonus over other diet pills on the market. And while this may seem like every dieter’s dream and the “overnight miracle” that was only legendary, there are many problems that come with this claim.

7 days – too good to be true

The first is that it is simply claim that is made by the official 7 Day Fat Burner website. There are no links to clinical trials or studies to back up the statement, it is simply declared by the manufacturers of the weight loss pill. The other problem is that the manufacturers won’t even back up their own claim by offering a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

If you take it and it doesn’t work for you, your only course of action is to try another weight loss program. Any product, especially one that is making such far-fetched claims, and cannot support it by offering you your money back, should be avoided as it is not likely to work.

Word of warning on 7 Day Fat Burner

The official 7 Day Fat Burner website also claims that the product is ephedrine-free and all-natural, which is an effort to convince users that it is a safe drug to use. However, it is extremely unhealthy to lose such a significant amount of weight in such a small period of time and therefore, 7 Day Fat Burner could be a very harmful drug if taken by certain people. The 7 Day Fat Burner also works largely on a diuretic process, which means that it helps you to lose weight through waste and it is this that also helps with the detoxification process.

However, there are 84 pills in a bottle and the entire bottle is to be taken over a period of 7 consecutive days. That is far too many pills of any kind to be taking, especially those that contain diuretics. In addition to this, it also means that the weight that you will be losing will be primarily water weight and that after you stop taking the pills, you will most likely quickly regain the weight.

7 Day Fat Burner – too much risk involved!

The simple fact is that the risks associated with the 7 Day Fat Burner weight loss pill are simply too great to outweigh any advantages that the pill may have, and those advantages are too few and unproven to be considered worthwhile.


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