9 fitness mistakes you must not make

Did you know that nearly every person who has tried dieting or fitness has dropped out of a program at least once? Hey, it’s life! Work and social events usually tend to get in their way, lack of adequate emotional support saps the willpower and boredom sets in. It’s a very recognizable pattern, don’t you think? Eating same food every day is boring. Suiting up at the gym only to go through the same motions is also boring. Well, I have some good news for you – this kind of mood can be avoided with a bit of planning and a positive attitude.

Here I present you a list of the most common mistakes people do when trying to get fit. By all means avoid making these mistakes.

  1. The number one mistake is the failure to plan ahead. The best way to fail is certainly to go to the gym without a clear and precise goal in mind. If you don’t have a target or your target is unclear, then how can you know if you’ve reached it or not? For example, you should find out what your ideal weight is, and make that your goal. Once you have a goal in mind, stick to your goal, and go towards it.

  2. Number two is certainly coming up with excuses to avoid going to the gym. It’s true that life tends to get in your way and stop you from exercising, but even that can be arranged with proper planning. You must not quit your fitness program just because something came up at the last moment. Rather, work on rescheduling your gym sessions and find the best possible solution.

  3. Do not work out too little! A lot of people will lift 2 dumbbells several times and they will think they’re done for the day. How wrong! You better sit down at the table for half an hour and come up with a sound training program. You can ask a gym trainer to suggest you some good training program if you can’t come up with your own. Don’t be shy to ask, those people will always help you and they will be happy to do it for you.
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  4. Keep in mind that too much fitness can also be bad. Your muscles need some time to grow and the body needs time to burn fat. A lot of people think that the body only burns up fat during exercises, but this is wrong. The more muscles mass you have, the faster calories get burnt, because your muscles need energy for maintenance all the time, even when you’re resting! Overtraining will simply make you tired without any additional benefits, so keep that in mind.

  5. Keep a very close eye on what you eat. I suggest you completely drop the fast food and snacks from your daily eating plan and forget about soft drinks. On the other side, avoid starving yourself! This is also a common mistake that a lot of people make. Muscles need nourishing meals in order to grow and starvation is a bad way to diet anyway.

  6. Never, I repeat, never compare yourself to others. We are all unique individuals, with unique genetic make-ups governing our weight gain, weight loss and response to training. You should always stick to your own pace and your own goal. Don’t rate your performance according to the achievements of others. This is not a competition, ok?

  7. Don’t repeat same things over and over. If you do this, you will quickly lose your motivation and you will easily get bored. Replace your old exercises with new ones every now and then. Find some variations on a classic exercise and try them out. Be creative and have fun experimenting.

  8. Don’t go into the pub right away from the gym. Keep your alcohol consumption on a tight leash. You might not know this, but alcohol has extra calories that you don’t want and is also metabolized as fat and very fast. Pumping iron in the gym for 1 hour and then throwing the entire effort away with a couple of beers is not a good way to move forward!

  9. Lastly, you cannot lose weight just by sitting around and moping in front of the TV/computer. It just doesn’t work that way. So get out and go to that gym because it’s good for you. And no excuses please!

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