Acai Berry weight loss supplements review

What are Acai Berry supplements?

Acai_BerryThere’s no doubt that with all the media attention Acai berry supplements have gotten from shows such as Oprah, The Today Show, The CBS Early Show as well as being featured in many publications such as The New York Times, that you simply must stop and find out what all the buzz is about.

Indeed all of this attention has pointed to that fact that the Acai berry is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can help with both of these battles. But do Acai Berry supplements really work?

Acai Berry origins

acai-jiuce-3-full__150_x_98_.jpgAcai berries come from deep in the Amazon Rainforest and they are extremely perishable that the berries start to wither and die about 24 hours after being picked from the Acai Palm Trees. It’s due to this fact that the Acai berries are usually freeze-dried after being picked fresh and then shipped throughout the world in the form of capsules, powdered drinks, or other forms.

However, it’s this same freeze-drying process that is necessary to keep the Acai berry properties in tact that can actually harm them by destroying many of the antioxidants that make it so effective. But that’s also assuming that those antioxidants will help in the fight against aging and weight loss. Not only may they not help but taking large amounts of supplements such as the Acai berry could actually be harmful, if taken in excess.

Acai Berry not as effective as they claim it to be!

big-acai-berry1.jpgIt’s in part due to the loss of antioxidants during the freeze-dry process that Acai berry supplements are not recommended but it’s mostly how research has proven that taking large components of the berries can pose a serious danger to those who take it.

The University College of London found that there is nothing that proves that antioxidants are an effective anti-aging property.

It is the results that the John Hopkins School of Medicine found that are really frightening – these studies show that 4% of people who took large amounts of Vitamin E are actually at an increased risk of death and that 13% of people who took the same large quantities of the vitamin were at an increased risk of heart failure.

Copenhagen researchers have found that Vitamin E, along with Vitamin A and C can also pose serious health risks. These researchers found that 6% of people who took large amounts of these vitamins were found to be more likely to develop certain types of cancers, such as colon, liver, and pancreatic, than those who did not take large amounts of the supplements.

Beware of Acai Berry “free trial” offers

Aside from the very serious health risks that Acai berry supplements may pose, you must also always take into consideration whether or not certain manufacturers and retailers of the supplements are legitimate or running one of the many scams that you can find online.

If you want to try an Acai berry supplement, you will find that many online retailers will offer a free trial of the supplement. However, be wary when asked to provide your credit card number for shipping expenses. Generally, once you’ve received your free trial, if you don’t contact the retailer to stop future shipments, you will be shipped and automatically charged on your credit card.

This is a tactic used by many different supplement retailers and it’s one of the first that should be a warning sign that it’s not an effective product but rather a money-making scheme.

Acai Berry supplements – not recommended

Our first concern is safety and according to clinical trials, Acai Berry supplements may not be the safest supplements out there.

Another thing we’re concerned is increased chance of being scammed by Acai “free trial” offers. Several visitors of our website contacted us and told us that they have been charged full price of Acai Berry, even though they haven’t ordered anything after their free trial.

This is enough for us to say that we do not recommend Acai Berry supplements to you.


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