Accelis review

What is Accelis?

Accelis.jpgAccelis diet pills claim to help you lose weight by converting glucose into muscle, instead of storing it in cells. This process helps people lose weight and all without the use of stimulants and with only the safest, all-natural ingredients.

However, what are those ingredients and do they make up a pill that will really help you lose over 10 pounds in 20 days? One must also wonder if the use of all-natural ingredients means that there are no side effects associated with the drug, as the manufacturer implies.

Accelis ingredients

The key ingredient in Accelis is Lagerstroemia speciosa, which contains 3% corosolic acid, which is the ingredient that works on converting glucose to muscle instead of fat. Although corosolic acid has been proven effective in weight loss, a blend that contains such a small percentage is not likely to have much effect.

The other ingredients are primarily tea extracts and other herbs and they include:

  • Caffeine-free green tea extract, which is good for just about anything in the human body and although green tea has been proven effective for weight loss, it loses its weight loss components once it becomes decaffeinated;
  • caffeine-free white tea extract, which is also useless in weight loss;
  • caffeine-free oolong tea extract, which also holds no weight loss abilities when decaffeinated;
  • chamomile extract, which is proven to help digestion but not necessarily weight loss;
  • passionflower extract
  • soy phospholipids

These natural ingredients, especially in such small doses, have not been proven effective when helping with weight loss.

Accelis side effects

In addition to not being effective for weight loss, Accelis could also cause some unpleasant side effects such as: nausea, bloating, vomiting, indigestion, heartburn, dizziness, and drowsiness.

Other Accelis flaws

Another reason to be wary of Accelis is because there are no clinical studies shown on the manufacturer’s website that helps to prove that this diet pill is truly effective. In addition, there are no testimonials present on the site either and although these aren’t generally reassuring to begin with, the lack of them is quite obvious.

There is reference on the official website to studies that have been done on the diet pill’s most effective ingredient, corosolic acid, however the details of the study that was completed, such as the date, researcher’s name, location of study, is unknown.

There is also one testimonial that Accelis uses to back up their claims of substantial weight loss and that is the testimonial of a resident doctor, who claims that Accelis can help with weight loss. However, it has been proven that this doctor was paid for his statement.

Our final word about Accelis

Accelis is easy to take as it is simply 2 tablets taken every evening. However, no drug should ever be taken without knowing what full effects it may have and without any real evidence of a trial, the final results of Accelis are not known.

In addition, there is no conclusive research that shows that any of the ingredients in the diet pill, with the exception of corosolic acid, which is not present in a large enough quantity to matter, are effective to help with weight loss.


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