Acomplia review

What is Acomplia?

acomplia.jpgAcomplia is an anti-obesity drug that has only been available since 2006. From the very first testing of this drug, it has been surrounded in controversy and doubt.

It’s important to know that Acomplia is not like other weight loss supplements as it is not just a simple diet pill.

Acomplia’s only ingredient

Acomplia is a very serious drug that has only 1 ingredient – Rimonabant. Because of this, Acomplia is available by prescription only and should never be taken over-the-counter. Rimonabant was first available in the United Kingdom and although it took other countries, such as the United States, much longer to believe in Acomplia, it is now sold in 56 countries.

In the United States, Rimonabant is sold under the name Acomplia. In the majority of countries, the drug is only available through prescription. It has also been said that Acomplia can help a person quit smoking but it has not been approved for this purpose.

How Acomplia works?

Inside your brain and organs are things called Cannabinoid-1 Receptors and these receptors are responsible for controlling the appetite and metabolism. When Acomplia inhibits these receptors, the appetite is suppressed and metabolism is stimulated. Acomplia then makes you feel less hungry, consume less calories, and have an increase in energy.

Acomplia should also be taken only if you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher or those who have a BMI of 27 but also have associated health risks such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Acomplia side effects

There are some side effects that are felt when taking Acomplia and while their severity may vary, it’s important to speak to your doctor if you begin to feel any of these symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • stomach disorders
  • muscle cramps

How is Acomplia taken?

It’s also important to know that Acomplia’s appetite-suppressing capabilities are diminished if the drug is not taken on an empty stomach. It’s suggested that the pill is taken first thing in the morning but this is also what causes much of the nausea in many users. Some of the strongest and most dangerous side effects that users have experienced while taking Acomplia are:

  • periods of deep depression
  • weepiness at small things
  • rage
  • becoming incredibly upset to the point where you want to hurt yourself or someone else
  • suicidal thoughts
  • psychosis

This is only one of the reasons why Acomplia has not yet been approved as an over-the-counter drug and should only be taken under the direct care of your doctor, if at all.

Final word about Acomplia

Acomplia is a very serious drug and one that should only be considered after understanding all of the potential risks associated with the drug. This anti-obesity drug will also only be effective during the length of time that the user is on the pill and the pill is not recommended for long-term use as the long-term effects are unknown.

This means that you could put yourself at risk, and experience some intense side effects, all to only regain the weight once you discontinue taking the pill. When there are so many safer options, it only makes sense to avoid things that could harm you, such as Acomplia.


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