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Alli – first FDA approved weight loss supplement

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During 1999 a weight loss pill called Xenical (main ingredient Orlistat) was approved as a prescription drug to treat severe obesity. Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor that helps prevent fat being absorbed into the body.

Recently FDA has approved a reduced-strength 60mg over-the-counter version of Orlistat and named it Alli. Alli was made by “Glaxo-Smith Kline” and it represents both a weight loss drug and a weight loss treatment plan with support.

Fat blockers and fat binders

Both Alli and Proactol are somewhat new to the weight loss market, but they are already strongly established and very popular weight loss products.

Proactol is a fat binder, whereas Alli is fat blocker. Fat binder and fat blocker is not the same thing. Fat blocking process is what causes embarrassing anal leakage when you least expect it. But with Proactol fat binder you will not experience these nasty effects because Proactol binds to the fat in a thick, viscous matter that doesn’t cause anal leakage!

Keep in mind that fat blockers (Alli) and fat binders (Proactol) work in a different way than other diet pills on the market. When you use Alli or Proactol, you are safe because these diet pills do not have serious side effects like some other weight loss pills (jittery effects, sleeplessness, racing heart, high blood pressure etc…). Still there are certain differences between Alli and Proactol.

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Alli – Synthetic Fat Blocker

First of all, Alli is not natural weight loss pill. Main ingredient of Alli, Orlistat is a chemical that is also used in Xenical prescription weight loss pill. Alli actually contains 2 times smaller dosage of Orlistat than Xenical. So, there is 60mg of Orlistat inside Alli. This made Alli a non-prescription weight loss product, but keep in mind that Alli has same side effects like Xenical!

Active ingredient of Alli, Orlistat, is usually only prescribed to obese people with a body mass index in excess of 30kg/m². So if you are not dangerously overweight, Xenical/Alli may not be the right option for you.

Keep in mind that some rather unpleasant side effects have been reported from use of Orlistat products. Our readers have reported uncontrollable anal discharges, so taking this drug could well result in embarrassing situations. Other possible effects are:

  • oily stools
  • loss of bowel control
  • diarrhea rectal pain
  • liver inflammation
  • fatigue

So Orlistat based products like Alli may not be the shining ray of light overweight people have been hoping for.

Proactol – Natural Fat Binder

On the other side we have Proactol 100% natural weight loss supplement, with main ingredient called NeoPuntia. This ingredient is obtained from Opuntia ficus-indica cactus. Compared to Alli, Proactol has no side effects at all! When you use Proactol, fat is prevented from entering the body without the embarrassing side effects of Xenical or Alli.

With hundreds of “miracle pills” on the market, Proactol is one of the few that lives up to its claims of effectiveness. In several pre-clinical trials it has proven to be a highly effective alternative to Orlistat based products. As with most weight loss supplements, Proactol’s best results come when used in combination with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Alli vs. Proactol comparison chart

Product comparison alli diet pill proactol
Product name



Active ingredient Orlistat – chemical (60mg) NeOpuntia – 100% natural organic fiber (535mg)
Mechanism Lipase Inhibitor Medically Approved 100% Natural Fat Binder
% Of Fat Blocked Per Meal 25% up to 30%
Avg. Weight Loss Without Exercise Lost 5-10 lbs over 6 months 13 lbs/month
Scope of effect Only digestive system, blocking natural enzyme lipase, responsible for breaking down fat Only digestive system, affecting the fat itself (fat binding)
How it works Orlistat blocks natural enzymes that break down the fat you eat with meals. Part of the fat pass through your body in a natural way undigested. NeOpuntia binds immediately to the fats in your stomach and forms vicious solution. It can bind up to 30% of the fat you eat with your meals.
Side effects Diarrhea, Frequent fecal urgency, bloating, fecal incontinence, anal leakage, fatigue No side effects
Website Alli website Proactol website

Our Recommendation To You

Keep in mind that we have studied both Alli and Proactol for some time now. They both passed several clinical trials and proved their official claims. Alli is the first FDA approved OTC weight loss pill. Proactol is 100% natural weight loss product that has outstanding medical backing.

As you might know we always prefer natural over synthetic products. So, based on our extensive research and comparison of these 2 weight loss products, we recommend you Proactol since it is natural product with no side effects. Not just that – Proactol is our recommendation because it is a complete weight loss system, which means it has other benefits besides guaranteed weight loss (appetite suppression, reduced blood cholesterol levels, reduced food cravings).

p.s. Proactol isn’t just recommended by us alone, to see more on this clinically proven fat binder and certified medical device, click here

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