Anoretix review

What is Anoretix?

anoretix.jpgThe two biggest issues that you may have when you are trying to choose a weight loss supplement are: is it safe and does it work? These are very valid concerns as there is no point in wasting money on a supplement that won’t work and yet shelling out big bucks is not worth it if you’re going to harm your health.

Anoretix is a diet pill that is fairly new to the booming weight loss market and there is no doubt that this diet pill will absolutely work. It has been proven to drastically reduce one’s weight by burning fat and suppressing the appetite. What Anoretix has not been proven is safe and there are indications that it could be habit-forming, which is always extremely dangerous.

Anoretix ingredients

There are 9 ingredients found in Anoretix and those are:

  • Chromium Nicotinate, which is known as Chrome Mate
  • Coleus forskholii, which is known as ForsLean
  • AdvantraZ
  • Super Citrimax, which is known as HCA
  • Tonalin
  • NeOpuntia
  • Phase 2
  • 7-Keto
  • Bioperine

Chrome Mate may help convert sugar into energy and may even help convert protein to muscle however this ingredient has not been approved by the FDA and so, should be questioned before you take it. The manufacturers of Anoretix claim that ForsLean will help burn fat however, there is no evidence to support this claim.

HCA has been proven as an appetite suppressant and has also been proven as a fat burner. There are also indications that it may increase your serotonin level, which will put you in a content mood and make you feel better about losing weight. Tonalin is thought to decrease the amount of fat being stored by the body however there is also no evidence as to how effective this is.

Anoretix – not approved by FDA

Because the effectiveness of many of the ingredients is unknown, or have proven to be ineffective, Anoretix has not been approved by the FDA. The manufacturers provide many studies that show the effectiveness of the ingredients however, there is no study that provides results for when all of the ingredients are taken together.

Anoretix side effects

Because the ingredients make up a hodge-podge of carb blockers, fat blockers and appetite suppressants, the side effects you are most likely to feel are:

  • blood sugar levels that constantly raise and drop
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • constipation
  • weight loss results that are so fast or dramatic that your weight drops to a dangerous level or you feel extremely weak or tired
  • inadequate natural fat production resulting in dry skin, hair loss, nail weakness, and fatigue
  • inability to have eat a healthy diet
  • inability to focus or concentrate
  • increased heart rate
  • anxiousness
  • nausea

Final word about Anoretix

There may be no doubt that Anoretix is certainly one of the diet pills on the market that is almost guaranteed to make you lose weight but you may want to consider first what it will do to your health before deciding if it’s worthwhile.

Not only can Anoretix make you lose far too much weight far too quickly but it can also cause you to become dependent on it, which is always a huge warning flag.


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