Appesat appetite suppressant review

appesat-pack.jpgAnother appetite suppressant that has recently appeared is called Appesat. This appetite suppressant can be bought either in UK or USA via few online websites without prescription needed. In UK you can buy it in stores as well.

We were wondering – is Appesat really that much effective at suppressing your appetite as they claim it to be? Will it really help you lose weight?

What is Appesat?

Appesat contains Bioginate Complex, a patented fiber complex that has been extracted from seaweed Laminaria Digitata. The seaweed has been harvested from French coastline; at least that is what Appesat website says.

Appesat is mainly for those people who know that their problem is overeating and they cannot control their food cravings.

How Appesat works?

Studies have shown that active ingredient in Appesat (Bioginate Complex) has been developed to be resistant to stomach acids and it will remain active for many hours once it is in stomach. This is the appetite suppressant property of Appesat.

Appesat pill will stimulate hunger censors in your intestines, which in turn will send signals to your brain telling it that your stomach is full (when in fact it’s not).

Many weight loss industry leaders strongly believe that appetite suppression is one of the key elements for weight loss process and is extremely beneficial towards long term weight loss and reduction of body fat.

Appesat side effects

Appesat is fairly new product on the market and no side effects were reported (yet). However, we should always be careful when trying weight loss product that has just appeared on the market, because we don’t know about possible side effects. Regarding Appesat, our main concern would be possible stomach upset.

Keep in mind that there are many weight loss products on the market; Appesat however is one of the better products. It is only price of Appesat that we are concerned about ($59.95 for pack of 50 capsules).

Appesat summary

Appesat has received approval from UK medicine regulators as safe product to use at home. We are uncertain if regulators gave unmitigated approval for effectiveness or not.

One thing is for sure – Appesat is one of the better appetite suppressants on the market and it can give you safe weight loss. However, taking into account that it is a fairly new product on the market and its high price ($59.95 for pack of 50 capsules), we think that UniqueHoodia might be better solution for effective appetite suppression.

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