Appesat vs. UniqueHoodia diet pills comparison

Which One Is Better Appetite Suppressant?

You may have probably heard of Appesat in the news lately – it’s a relatively new appetite suppressant that has a really big marketing budget. We were wondering one thing – can you really lose weight with Appesat or is there any better solution available?

We went a step further and put Appesat side by side to our top rated appetite suppressant UniqueHoodia. Here’s what we found out:

Name Appesat UniqueHoodia
Type Appetite Suppressant Appetite Suppressant
Active Ingredient Fibre from Seaweed Hoodia Gordonii
(Cactus Plant)
Proof of Effectiveness Clinically Proven Clinically Proven and 100+ Years of use with San Tribe
Pills per Pack 50 90
Dosage 9 pills/day max 3 pills/day max
Side Effects Can Upset Stomach None
Guarantee 28 Days Only on Unused Product 6 Month Full Money-Back Guarantee
Price per Month From £95.84
From £37
Discount Codes None 10% off 4+ month orders with code UHCR10
Shipping Worldwide (Free in UK) Free Worldwide
Website Appesat website UniqueHoodia website

As you can see from the table above, both Appesat and UniqueHoodia are similar: they are both appetite suppressants (although they have different active ingredients), they both have some form of money back guarantee and both offer free shipping.

However, it’s UniqueHoodia that is a clear winner in our comparison.

What are the advantages of UniqueHoodia over Appesat?

  • UniqueHoodia is not just clinically proven, but it’s also backed by 100+ years of use by the San Tribe
  • Contains 40 more pills per box than Appesat
  • You need a lower dosage of UniqueHoodia (3 pills/day), meaning that your box will last much longer
  • Has a 6 month money back guarantee (on all boxes – opened or not)
  • As much as £75.84 ($110) cheaper for a month supply!
  • Discount codes and free shipping worldwide available with UniqueHoodia

When you add up all these factors, it’s a no brainer: UniqueHoodia really IS better than Appesat. Don’t get us wrong here – both products will help you lose weight, however, UniqueHoodia is much cheaper and it has several other benefits (longer money back guarantee, has more pills per box etc).

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Effectiveness of Fiber from Seaweed vs. Hoodia Gordonii

OK so far we’ve seen why UniqueHoodia is much better choice than Appesat for losing weight. Before we make our final conclusion we have one last thing to consider: which active ingredient is better for you – Fiber or Hoodia Gordonii? Let’s look at the facts:


fibre.jpgFiber is well known for helping you feel full and eat less than usual. There’s no doubt about it – you’ve seen many adverts on TV for cereal where they claim that because of a high fiber content your hunger will be satisfied right from breakfast to lunch.

Appesat extracts the fiber (Bioginate Complex) from seaweed specially grown on the French Atlantic coast. Although this does work, it really doesn’t do anything that a slight change in diet won’t do for you.

For example if you eat a high-fiber cereal for breakfast and then you eat some other high-fiber food during the day (like nuts, whole-meal bread, potato skins, brown rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, pasta…), then you will naturally achieve same results for much lower price!

So, because of this, unless you cannot stand to eat these kinds of foods, Appesat is not really worth your hard earned money.

Hoodia Gordonii

AMN8RJ_0.jpgOn the other side we have Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus-like plant from South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii is not something that is commonly found in everyday’s food; therefore UniqueHoodia offers you something really unique – something that a change in your diet cannot achieve.

Hoodia Gordonii has been used by Kalahari Bushmen (San Tribe) for ages to suppress their appetite when they went on long hunting expeditions. It has been introduced to the rest of the world as a safe and effective way of reducing calorie intake and losing weight.

Clinical trials of Hoodia Gordonii have proven its effectiveness and many success stories are now available to further prove its great power as an appetite suppressant.


blonde_0.jpgNot only UniqueHoodia is much cheaper than Appesat, but it also has better and longer money back guarantee and much better active ingredient.

Now, if you still like the sound of Appesat, we suggest you to first try changing your diet before you spend $140 or so per month on these pills.

However, if you are looking for something a bit different, that is clinically proven to work, look no further than UniqueHoodia. It is really a great value for your money, effective and fully guaranteed for 6 months. You just cannot go wrong with UniqueHoodia!

Order Your UniqueHoodia Package Today & Start Walking Towards Slimmer, Happier & More Attractive You!

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