Best Way To Lose Weight

One of the questions that concern many persons who want to lose weight is, what is the best way to lose weight. Many think that dieting alone will help them shed the pound. This may work for a while but for lasting weightloss you must also do some form of aerobic exercise.

Many people have been dieting and consulting nutritionist, dieticians, reading lots of books on diet and browsing internet for hours to find solution to their problem. What they fail to comprehend is that nutrition is only one of the keys to weight loss to burn fat that has already accumulated on their body then they need to exercise and take it seriously.

The first thing you will need to do is to consult your doctor to make sure that you have no ailment that would affect your weightloss program once the doctor gives you the ok then you need to speak with him about your program.

Next you need to decide how much weight you would like to lose and if that amount is ideal for your body size and your height. Hoodia Gordonii helps with the diet. Then you will need to develop a nutritional program that will give you the amount of calories, fat, proteins and carbohydrates to support your losing weight. To determine how much of each you will need can be tricky. In terms of calories you should seek to initially cut your total caloric intake by about 500 calories. You should also be consuming about 10-15% of you calories as fat and 30-35% of your calories as proteins and 60-65% of your total calories as carbohydrates. It is important when doing your nutritional program that you remember that foods that high in fat, refined sugars and food high in saturated fat are not health. Also remember to include handsome servings of fruits and vegetables. It is also important that you spread out your meals throughout the day. Some nutritionists say that you should consume six small meals each day. Another important element in losing weight is water. You should consume at least six glasses each day.

Once you have the nutrition done then it is time to determine the exercise aspect of weightloss. The keep to losing weight is aerobics. You burn more fat with moderate aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises involve constant motion for at least 30 minutes. Walking and swimming are considered the best exercises, whereas if you can, running for a few kilometers everyday or a few free hand exercises can also help. The key here is to do them at a moderate pace for at least 30 minutes. To lose weight fast you can go for a bit longer than 30 minutes. You should do exercises for at least three days a week.

Weight lifting for 45 to 60 minutes can help to burn fat. Weight lifting using light weights can help to tone your muscles as you lose weight.

Thus the best way to lose weight is not only dieting or exercise, but a combination of both. If you want, and you have enough time, you can also meditate for some time too. Meditation can reduce your stress level, raise your confidence level and help you get rid off your obesity related depression.

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