Bontril review

What is Bontril and how does it work?

bontril reviewBontril is a weight loss pill that is only available by prescription and that is only recommended for short-term use.

Bontril works by suppressing the appetite in combination with speeding up the metabolism, which means that few calories that you are taking in are being quickly expended and eliminated, causing food and fat to stay in your system for shorter periods and causing you to lose weight.

The fact that this weight loss pill will help you lose weight is undisputed but the amount of weight that it will help you lose may need to be considered.

In clinical trials, Bontril only helped those taking it lose not even a whole pound more than those taking the study with them not using the pill. Add to this the fact that the pill still needs to be taken in conjunction with a good diet and exercise, and you may wonder why you need to use Bontril at all!

But anybody considering Bontril as a weight loss plan needs to speak to their doctor to make sure that it is safe to do so. Bontril is a powerful drug and has often been compared to amphetamines. Because of this, it’s important to know what Bontril will do and what the side effects are.

Side effects of Bontril

The most common side effect found with Bontril is its ability to cause insomnia in many of the patients that take it. The insomnia can cause the person to not be able to fall asleep at all, starting to wake up earlier and earlier, or having trouble staying asleep once sleep has been achieved.

The insomnia is caused by the fact that Bontril uses caffeine as one of its ingredients to provide people with energy and motivation however, you may feeling energetic far longer in the day than you had intended. It is also this caffeine that can make a person feel jittery during daytime hours and cause them to lose focus and concentration.

Other side effects that you may experience while taking Bontril are:

  • flushing of the face and/or cheeks
  • blurry vision
  • hyperactivity
  • restlessness
  • dizzy spells
  • insomnia
  • shakiness or tremors
  • sweating (cold or hot sweats)
  • headaches
  • any part of the throat, face, or neck may hurt
  • a significant increase or decrease in libido
  • dry mouth
  • digestion problems such as nausea, constipation, or diarrhea
  • need to urinate frequently or a painful sensation when urinating

A larger and more serious side effect that is often experienced with Bontril is the fact that some people have noticed a rise in their blood pressure since they have started taking Bontril. People that experience this may want to stop taking the drug as this is often a case of prolonged use, which Bontril is not recommended for!

In addition to negative side effects, there are a number of medications that interfere with Bontril and could cause complications. There are also many people who Bontril is not recommended for so it’s definitely important to speak to your doctor before trying this weight loss pill.

Do we recommend Bontril to you?

We DO NOT recommend Bontril to you under any circumstances. There are so many side effects with this diet pill that really it is not worth it. Instead, we want straight away to recommend you Proactol – our #1 recommended diet pill. It is by far the safest and most effective weight loss pill we have ever seen!


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