Can you be fat – yet fit?

The question

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What do you think – is it really possible to be fat, yet fit? Can fat people still go on with overeating by keeping their muscles trained and strong? Well, the Mayo Clinic says they can’t. All those extra pounds mean extra trouble for you, no matter how much exercising you perform each day. Fat is simply not good for the heart.

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The big question actually is: can overweight people be healthy if they work out on a regular basis? This sounds like a legitimate question because exercising just 15 minutes a day makes a big difference for overweight people. Blood pressure goes down, cholesterol levels drop, which leaves the person in a better mood because of the extra energy. You might say that that it is not that bad to be fat if you’re feeling great and you’re heart is not threatening to split your chest and jump out every time you go up a flight of stairs.

The answer

However, many experts from the Mayo Clinic state that being overweight is a risk factor for many health conditions and that exercising will make you healthier just for a moment. You see, exercises can’t lower your risk of developing diabetes later on and are not a surefire way of preventing heart problems. It doesn’t matter if you are exercising or not, those extra pounds have got to go away!

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Get off that couch!

On the other side, these studies showed that people who do not exercise on a regular basis have just as much risk, regardless of their weight. You see, our bodies are meant to endure a certain amount of physical activity every day in order to function correctly. Maintaining a healthy weight without regular exercise is not enough for you. You need to get off that couch and start some walks every day for at least 30 minutes. If you walk 30 minutes a day for 5 or 6 days a week, then you will be on your way to stay healthy for many years!

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