CarboCurb weight loss pill review

carbocurb.jpgCarboCurb is a diet pill that targets one of the main enemies to any dieter – carbohydrates!

CarboCurb claims that it takes carbohydrates consumed by the body and instead of turning them into sugar, which it usually does, it simply allows them to pass through the body. This in turn, is supposed to help you lose weight because you will no longer be carrying around those extra calories.

CarboCurb ingredients

One of the most troubling things about CarboCurb is that there is no real list of ingredients, not on the package or on the manufacturer’s website. This is reason enough not to take the pill; who wants to put something into their body when they don’t even know what it is?

CarboCurb side effects

Without knowing what ingredients are in CarboCurb, it’s hard to say exactly what side effects one could experience while taking the pill. One of the biggest possible side effects is an allergic reaction. Many diet pills have ingredients such as shellfish and nut oils that can cause severe allergic reactions. And without knowing what’s in it, there’s no way to tell whether or not it will cause an allergic reaction.


CarboCurb isn’t just an elusive diet pill. It’s a diet pill that most likely won’t work. Carbohydrates are just one reason why people gain weight. Without addressing all the other ways a person can gain weight and coming up with a solution for them, users most likely will not find any weight loss after using this supplement.

CarboCurb alternatives

ProactolPlus120.jpgProactol Plus – Fat binder that can stop up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and prevent it from being digested by your body. This way you can still eat high fat meals and part of that fat will be eliminated from your body. Highly recommended if you can’t stop eating high fat foods.

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meratol-4m.jpgMeratol – Carb blocker diet pill by Advanced Health. Meratol appeared on the market at the end of 2010 and right from the beginning it attracted many dieters. This 4-in-1 weight loss system attacks problem of obesity from 4 different angles, giving you 4 different weight loss benefits.

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