Celebrity Diets

Why do we follow celebrities’ footsteps so closely? One reason may be that we can put a story with a familiar face. A person in our local paper may find a secret to successful weight loss, but we are more apt to pay attention the celebrity.

There is one concern that comes with the phrase “celebrity diet”that is one simple word, truth. Are their success stories true? Or was their success “Hollywoodized”? One way to look at is the story’s content. If there is an over-night result, chances are they had surgery or some sort of quick fix job. However, if there is a time table and a period of progression it is more likely to be a real result.

How can we decipher if we are unsure? A clue that it is a natural weight loss is if the celebrity mentions diet, exercise, and nutrition. Another clue is when we see the whole story over a period of time.

When is it assuredly a fraud or a quick fix job? If there is a mention of a diet pill, liquid, or supplement chances are it was not a natural weight loss. Another clue is if yesterday they were unhealthy and suddenly today they look fabulous!

When is a celebrity promoted diet going to help me? Jenny Craig is one celebrity diet that everyday people have used successfully. What may make this particular diet so popular may be that famous people and infamous people have used it. They have also gotten great results.

Why are we so attracted to celebrity diets? We love to read about Hollywood and the “whose who” of society. This makes our interest peak when it is a person we idolize. When we idolize someone we want to go where they go, eat what they eat, etc.

Should we really follow the Hollywood way to weight loss? Hollywood hasn’t always been the place to look for truth. When looking toward celebrity diets, we need to use discretion. Look for diets that use natural and realistic ways of losing weight. Don’t opt for the quick fix. Most of us do not have the money to have an operation, over-indulge and have an operation again. It is also more to your benefit to lose the weight by working at it. This way you are genuinely proud of your success! You can show off your achievement!

All in all, if you want to diet with the stars, look for those celebrities that achieved their weight loss the realistic way. This way you can say that you dieted like the stars and worked hard at it as well. You may be your own local celebrity!

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