Celebrity diets – are they safe or are they dangerous?

nicole_ritchie1.jpgYou have probably seen lately that a lot of celebrities endorse certain diets and weight loss products. Don’t believe them all! Most of those are obviously paid endorsements.

However, it’s really refreshing change to find one company on the weight loss market who is actually interested in helping consumers achieve natural and safe weight loss.

Natural fat binder Proactol has done just that. Manufacturers of this weight loss product fully understand the health dangers that can arise as a result of following those low calorie/fluid diets – such as those promoted by cabbage diet, the Master Cleanse and the Juice Diet.

Proactol company has assessed all the positive and negative sides of following such diets, while at the same time revealing the lengths that celebrities are ready to go to in order to achieve their slim and toned bodies.

oprah1.jpgWe have to admit that people behind Proactol have been very thorough in their attempts to increase consumer awareness about this issue.

Recently they launched a campaign dedicated to help consumers escape all the risks that exist with the fad diets. Also included in this campaign they offer you a very detailed Celebrity diet eBook for free.

Following an extensive research of these diets, Proactol’s unique eBook goes very deep into analyzing every possible aspect of these diets – what they involve, how they work, how they impact your body, after which they offer you a healthier and safer route to weight loss.

Their online campaign in particular is very helpful indeed. Created with you in mind in the first place, they have created a series of easy to follow tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

Don’t worry – these are tips that anyone can do without having to make any dramatic dietary changes.

After all, we have to say that Proactol people have done a great job of bringing to light all the dangers of celebrity diets and their Celebrity Diet Campaign is definitely worth a read.

More about Proactol Celebrity Diets campaign here.

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