Chitosan review

What is Chitosan?

chitosan_bottle.jpgChitosan diet pill supplement is a pill that uses extracts of shellfish such as crabs and shrimp and it claims that it takes the fat and cholesterol that is found in your stomach and simply dissolve it.

The extract that is taken from the shellfish is actually called Chitosan and although it may seem like a new, revolutionary way to lose weight, this fiber has been used in helping patients for as long as 3 decades.

But how does it help patients? Certainly not by making them skinnier in a matter of weeks, as the manufacturers of the Chitosan diet pill would have you believe.

Chitosan tests performed on animals but not on humans

When the manufacturers of the Chitosan diet pill first had their vision of this supplement that would absorb fat found in the stomach and prevent it from ever gathering in other areas of your body (such as around the waist), they first performed their tests of the product on animals. These clinical trials proved to have some slight results, as the animals that were tested on did seem to lose weight.

However, how much weight is debatable as it’s thought that even the animals used in the clinical trials didn’t shed pounds immediately. Once the manufacturers however, saw that there was even a slight change in the test subjects, they pushed the product onto the shelves and claimed that it would also help humans lose weight. The problem with this is that no clinical trials were ever done on humans.

Research on Chitosan

Extensive research, as well as experts in the weight loss field, have claimed since that time that Chitosan is not effective in humans and that if you take it, you should not have big dreams of losing weight quickly, or even at all.

There was a study conducted by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999 in which participants were divided into 2 groups. One group was given 8 pills a day to take for 4 weeks while the other group was given a placebo. At the end of the study, both groups showed the same amount of weight loss.

Dr. Stern, who is also co-founder of the American Obesity Association, also placed Chitosan under a series of tests and evaluations and he also found that the drug did not work for weight loss. However, his study did find one interesting fact that the European study did not find and that’s the fact that not only does Chitosan not work but it also dissolves many minerals and vitamins found in the body, which could actually be very harmful to your health!

Chitosan – we don’t recommend it

There have not been enough studies on the drug to determine whether or not there are serious or harmful side effects associated with the drug. It is known however, that Chitosan is made from shellfish extract and so, those who suffer allergies from shellfish should not take the drug, especially because in most cases, these allergies are fatal.

Chitosan is not recommended as a weight loss pill and not only will it not work the way you want it to, it could actually do you more harm than good!


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