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Top Diet Pills #1
Ranking Best fat binder Best fat burner Best Acai Berry supplement Best appetite suppressant
Effectiveness – Reduces fat intake by 28% 

– Helps decrease food cravings 

– Helps reduce appetite 

– Helps reduce blood cholesterol

– Burns fat 

– Suppresses appetite 

– Increases metabolism 

– Increases energy

– Fast weight loss 

– Increases metabolism 

– Reduces fatigue 

– Increases energy levels 

– Antioxidant support

Suppresses appetite
Dangerous components No No No No
Quality assurance Meets FDA guidelines for dietary supplements 

EU directive
(MDD 93/42/EEC)

Made in an FDA regulated lab – Certificate of Analysis 

– ORAC certificate

– CITES certificate 

– Organics Annex Certificate 

– Certificate of Analysis

Avg Monthly Weight Loss 10-20 lbs 6-20 lbs 

(3-9 kg)

4-18 lbs 

(2-8 kg)

4-16 lbs 

(2-7 kg)

Time Taken After meals Before meals Before Meals Before Meals
Side Effects None None None None
Medical Studies – Pilot Clinical Study

– Clinical Study July 2006

– Clinical Study February 2009

– Vitamin Bile Salt Study

– TNO Report Fat Binding Capacity

– TNO Report 3 American Breakfast


More info

Yes Study #1 

Study #2 

Study #3 

Study #4 

Study #5

Many clinical studies on Hoodia Gordonii
Dr. Approved Dr. Joerg Gruenwald 

Will Davis
(BSc Chem, BSc Biology) 

30+ Doctors in Clinical Testing 

Media coverage 

Florida Style Magazine


CBS, NBC The Times Newspaper, Womans World Magazine, Health Sciences Institute, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, American Curves Magazine CBS, BBC, NBC…
Pills per package 120 30 90 90
Recommended Daily Dose 1-3 pills after meals 1-2 pills a day 3 pills/day 3 pills/day
Price From $58.95
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From $69.95
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From $54.95
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From $54.95
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More info


(4+ month packages) 

enter UHCR10

Bonuses (FREE) – Online fitness program membership 

– Effective weight loss Ebook 

– 60 low-fat recipes 

– Online Aerobic Videos

30 free pills on every 90 pills count FREE box on 4+ months packages – Free Spa & Hotel Weekend 

– 1 FREE box when you order 6 months package!
– 10% off when you subscribe to their free report

Customer service 24/7 Support: Phone, Email, Forum / Callback 24/7 Phone & Email 24/7 email, mail or telephone 24 hour customer support – Phone, Online form
Payment Types Credit/Debit Card, Phone orders, PayPal, Money Order, Check, Postal Order, Cash Discover, MasterCard, Visa Credit card, Phone, Mail ordering Credit/Debit card, Phone ordering
Free shipping
2+ Months Orders
Money back guarantee 6 months 45 days 6 months 6 months
Overall Rating 5/5 4/5 3/5 3/5
Our Detailed Review Proactol Plus Review Phen375 review Pure Acai Berry Review UniqueHoodia review
Order link Order Proactol Plus Order Phen375 Order Pure Acai Berry Order UniqueHoodia
Website Proactol Plus Website Phen375 website Pure Acai Berry Website UniqueHoodia website
Top Diet Pills proactolplus100.gif phen375mini.gif pureacaiberry-logo_mini.gif uniquehoodia-logo-mini.gif


Additionally you might want to compare Proactol to Alli, Phentermine, Ephedra, Reductil or compare UniqueHoodia to Appesat or Pure Hoodia.

As you might know, trying to lose weight without the support of weight loss pills can be very difficult. If you choose the right supplement, you can lose weight much faster than usual!

Keep in mind that weight loss market is very big and going through all products out there is practically impossible, especially now when the weight loss industry is full of products with false claims and with no medically backed data.

But don’t worry – we have done hard work for you. Recently (May 2012) we have conducted an extensive research where we reviewed 50 most popular diet pills on the market. As a result, we chose only those that provide the best value for your money.

How do we test a weight loss pill?

Our diet pill ratings are based on the following 10 factors:

  1. Ingredients – Only diet pills with NATURAL ingredients can pass this test. Weight loss pill ingredients must be authentic and of high quality! The sure indicator of quality and safety of a weight loss product components is a Certificate of Analysis (COA).
  2. Manufacturer – We only took into consideration reputable companies that have been around for some time.
  3. Dangerous components – Diet pill must not contain potentially harmful ingredients! When herbal ingredient is mixed with other components, it should be composed in a way which gives the best possible results.
  4. Clinical studies – Is the diet pill medically backed? And are those clinical studies available online so that anybody can see them? (Yes/No)
  5. Side effects – Does the weight loss pill have any side effects? (Yes/No) We aim for products that have no side effects.
  6. Quantity of selling products – We took into consideration only products that customers order in higher quantities (orders with minimum 2+ months supply).
  7. Reorder rate – We chose products with highest reorder rates (meaning people come back to those products and order them again because they really work).
  8. Price – We want anybody who is serious about weight loss to be able to afford these products. Keep in mind that quality product has quality price. And we know that people don’t want to waste their money on cheap and suspicious products, that’s why we didn’t take those into consideration.
  9. Money back guarantee – The bigger money back guarantee is, the more serious company is and has bigger respect for customers
  10. Results reported by customers – The most important factor. There must be real evidence of people using the weight loss pill and what they said about the pill. User feedback is collected in form of user testimonials through company website feedback form, phone feedback or personal contact.


How did we come up with these results?

B0KRTD.jpgOur results are compiled from online surveys and direct feedback by real diet pills customers. Keep in mind that we value opinions of both men and women.

If you have any comments, positive or negative feedback about certain weight loss pill, feel free to contact us and let us know about your experiences. We would really appreciate your feedback, as we are constantly working on our research on top diet pills on the market.

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