Comparison: Acai Berry supplements vs. Proactol

AMX6AA.jpgFinding a natural weight loss supplement that is both genuine and works is often very hard in today’s modern age. It becomes even harder when you factor in a large number of diet pills that are available on the market today.

So, the main question is: How can you differentiate between them all? How can you tell which supplements are good and worth investing your money in? Which weight loss supplements will offer your body the best results?

Having this in mind, we have compared some of the leading brands of diet pills in order to stop all this uncertainty and offer you the right choice. A real genuine weight loss supplement that is guaranteed to offer you the results that you deserve so much. And we think we have found them: Proactol and Acai Berry supplements.

What are health benefits of Proactol?

Proactol005.jpgProactol is 100% natural diet pill that is formulated from the cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica. It is completely free from all forms of allergens, preservatives and fillers, and it’s also clinically proven to:

  • Bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Decrease your food cravings and meal portions
  • Lower your cholesterol levels
  • Enhance your joint flexibility
  • Reduce your calorie consumption by 450 calories a day

Because Proactol has 4 successfully completed clinical trials, it can proudly claim that it is 100% side effects free diet supplement! It has medical backing of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC to match it.

*For more information about Proactol clinical studies, check out Proactol official website.

Acai Berry health benefits

acai.jpgAcai Berry supplements are all rich in Vitamins A, C and E. Therefore they are found to be 100% natural and their effectiveness is as follows:

  • They can burn fat more effectively by combining body’s natural fatty acids, phytosterols and amino acids all together.
  • Boost your energy levels and metabolism.
  • Replenish your skin and reduce aging.

Besides its natural weight loss qualities, Acai Berry diet supplements can also help you to experience improved digestive functions and circulation; have healthier heart and cholesterol levels, plus it has been linked to prevention of cancer.

*For detailed description of Acai Berry health benefits, go to:

Both Proactol and Acai Berry supplements offer you 100% natural ingredients and weight loss and they certainly have got a lot to offer: increased health and vitality, healthier body both inside and outside, plus you have an easy accessible road to natural weight loss. If we consider all these benefits, then we can conclude that Proactol and Acai Berry are equally beneficial.

Users who have incorporated these weight loss supplements into their diet, while exercising regularly have all experienced a steady weight loss of about 1-2 lbs per week.

BUT, after we have closely examined clinical trials of these weight loss supplements, we have found that Acai offered some really shocking results – namely in side effects and additional health problems that may arise.

Are Acai Berry supplements safe?

Well, to some extent – they are. The only factor we are worried about is the fact that a number of recent clinical studies have shown that all Acai’s medical claims are contradictory and wrong!

For example – take their statement that anti-oxidants found in Acai Berry can help you reduce aging, prevent cancer or lower heart problems. In each one of studies performed by University College of London, the John Hopkins School of Medicine and Copenhagen researchers, these claims have been found to be false and can even cause the opposite effect!

  • University College of London – found that there was no proof that anti-oxidants prevented aging.
  • John Hopkins School of Medicine – 4% of individuals who took high dosages of Vitamin E were at higher risk of dying, while 13% had an increased chance of heart failure.
  • Copenhagen researchers – 6% of individuals who took high dosages of Vitamins A, C and E were found to be at higher risk of developing colon, liver or pancreatic cancer.

So, with all these statistics it is hard to trust this supplement. Especially when we discover that all possible problems are directly comparable to its benefits. They all tell the opposite story.

Acai Berry vs. Proactol side by side

Product comparison acai_0.jpg
Product name Acai Berry Proactol
Medical backing Extensively tested

*Recent study by University College of London proved that anti-oxidants could not slow down aging!

Click here to find out more

Backed by leading health officials across the globe

For more information Click here

Side effects None

This claim is under debate following recent studies:

*John Hopkins School of Medicine: users who had a high dosage of Vitamin E we found to have a 4% increased chance of dying whilst 13% had a higher risk of experiencing heart failure

*John Hopkins School of Medicine: 28% of users who had taken high doses of vitamin A were found to have a higher risk of developing Lung cancer.

*Copenhagen researchers: users who took all 3 vitamins combined (A, C and E) had a 6% chance of dying from colon, gastric, pancreatic or liver cancer.

For more Acai Berry studies click here


Proactol vs. Acai Berry – which can offer you more?

B7B2GB.jpgIf you look at each one of these supplements alone, they both look very promising weight loss supplements. But if you look at the statistics, clinical trials and studies, the differences between Proactol and Acai Berry supplements are profound!

100% natural and side effects free, Proactol supplement has proven itself time and time again during its clinical trials for being true to its word. Consumers who use Proactol can expect to use Proactol for as long as they want.

There are no restrictions to how long you can use Proactol and benefit from its range of health benefits – lower cholesterol levels and increased joint flexibility. Whether you want to lose some extra pounds or maintain your current weight, you are in safe hands.

We are not saying that Acai Berry has nothing to offer. 100% natural ingredients of Acai Berry work within the body to help promote natural weight loss, and they do that at a pace that is suitable for users.

Despite these many benefits and bonuses, it is impossible for us to just ignore many health complications and risks that are involved with Acai Berry supplements. Even if there’s only 13% chance of a heart failure, no risk is acceptable when it comes to your health.

So, with many of Acai Berry’s claims now being discounted, reliability and usability of this diet supplement is one that certainly comes with risk.

Proactol – 100% pure and risk free supplement

2592.jpgIf you are looking for a supplement that will offer your body genuine weight loss with no complications or risks, then we recommend you Proactol 100%.

With no known side effects or risks, Proactol will offer you route to weight loss that is not only simple, but also 100% safe!


Click Here To Visit Proactol Website and Offer Your Body Perfectly Safe Solution To Weight Loss!

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