Eat Right Plus Exercise!

Cardiovascular exercises would help you lose weight. Even the best weight lose program in the world will not have the best effect once you do not exercise regularly. The most effective time to do your exercise is in the morning, just before you eat your breakfast. During this time, your glycogen level is low and in effect will let your body burn more carbohydrates and fast.

It is recommended that you have four twenty-minute exercise sessions a week. Eventually, you may increase the time and intensity of your exercise.

Other than exercise, it is also a no-no to eat before bedtime. Metabolism slows down when we sleep so the food we eat three hours before we sleep are stored as fat. They are not digested well and converted to fuel. If eating before bedtime cannot be avoided, it is recommended that you eat lightly.

Carbohydrate intake must also be lowered when you are on a diet. The body burns carbohydrates before it burns fats. So less carbohydrates for the body to burn, it will burn more fats, in effect will make you lose weight. Carbohydrates plus proteins are best to eat in the morning. It will give you enough energy to start your day.

It is also good to take in multivitamins while dieting and exercising. Other minerals are often overlooked when we diet so it can be covered up by taking multivitamins. One must be careful in taking in multivitamins; he or she must take in vitamins the body lack not those unnecessary vitamins and minerals.

One must also drink great amount of water. When we do our exercise, we lose amounts of water through perspiration. Water also flushes out toxins from our body, in effect cleanses our internal system. Moreover, water helps our body utilize the proteins taken from food. It also improves our complexion.

Water also prevents us from eating much. Sometimes we think we are hungry but we are actually just thirsty. Because we think we are hungry, we result to eating more than we are supposed to and this becomes a threat to our waist line.

It is essential to remember that we have to burn more calories than what we take in. This is the secret for dieting. Also, we those who want to lose weight must have enough sleep. If the body lacks sleep, the metabolism slows down and has side effects like inability to lose weight.

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