Ephedra review

ephedra.jpegIf you are overweight or obese, the chance that you have looked into different diet pills is good. While these pills often live up to their claims of substantial weight loss and some are even quite safe to take, the reality is that most of them come with at least a few negative side effects.

While these side effects are often nothing more than minor inconveniences, such as sleepiness or headaches, in some instances the side effects can be quite dangerous and even fatal.

What is Ephedra?

Such is the case with Ephedra Diet Pills. The main ingredient found in Ephedra Diet Pills is Ephedrine, which is an extract of a plant that can be found in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other South Asian regions. While these areas have used the plant for years to treat things such as asthma and hay fever, the newest use of the plant that is meant for weight loss supplement purposes has become so dangerous that it has actually been banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Banned by FDA

In 2003, the FDA suggested that using Ephedra Diet Pills could be extremely dangerous to people’s health because of the many serious side effects that the pills carried. The FDA then carried out many tests on the diet pills, through the RAND Corporation, and when these findings came back conclusive that Ephedra Diet Pills were responsible for 157 deaths, the FDA banned the use of the drug altogether in 2004.

There are many countries that still use Ephedra in some capacity and there are still laws surrounding its use and distribution. The reason for the high number of deaths was most commonly due to heart attacks or strokes and these can again be attributed to the number of serious side effects.

Many dangerous side effects!

ephedra-plant.jpgOne harmful side effect of Ephedra is that it has a tendency to make the heartbeat irregular. This could mean that it could cause the heart to beat excessively and even beat faster than it’s supposed to. This places much stress on the heart and it will just simply stop after becoming overworked.

Ephedra can also cause seizures, which can cause you great physical or mental harm should they occur. During a seizure, you may experience an extreme jerking in multiple parts of the body and may even lose consciousness. Seizures can lead to heart attacks if they are not treated immediately and this can also lead to death.

Ephedra can also cause higher blood pressure. Although this is common with many weight loss supplements, because of the strain that Ephedra already places on the heart, this can quickly become life-threatening in the case of Ephedra. Some of the deaths were a result of the individual experiencing high blood pressure while using the drug and because they saw it as a normal side effect they did not report it and it became a much more serious issue.

Along with these serious side effects, Ephedra also has many less-severe side effects that users have experienced. These include: anxiety, drug dependence, insomnia, and anxiety.

Do we recommend Ephedra to you?

Absolutely not! Do not use Ephedra, because its risks are too high for a short-term weight loss that you can achieve using it. There are much better alternative diet pills out there.


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