Eye Secrets review

eyesecrets-reviews.jpgThe new product has been recently released on the UK market. It’s called Eye Secrets and at the moment it is getting a massive PR exposure in the UK.

So, what is Eye Secrets? Basically it’s a package that includes 3 components:

  • Upper eye lid lifter
  • Under eye tightener
  • Eye lash growth accelerator

Upper Eye Lid Lifter contains hypoallergenic strips that you apply directly to the eyelid, which results in your eyelids instantly being lift up into a more pleasing and natural position. This way your eyes won’t be hidden anymore and you will have a fresh appearance again. This formula works instantly, so you won’t have to wait hours in order to see results. These thin strips are invisible to other people and no one will be able to tell that you are actually wearing them. You can also wear them with your make up as well. When you buy them you get 30 strips in each box, which will be enough for 1 month supply.

Under Eye Tightener is supposed to help you tighten and smoothen your skin under and around your eyes. Recently in one clinical trial it was proven that wearing Eye Tightener consistently every day, women could see a noticeable improvement on the skin around the eyes and reduced wrinkles by 46%! The tightener works in a matter of few minutes, right before your very eyes. The formula is great alternative to surgery as well. One bottle will last you for 1 month.

Eyelash Growth Accelerator gives you thicker and healthier looking eye lashes. It’s supposed to be once a day application. When used over a period of 3 weeks, it was shown to improve appearance of eye lashes by 72%. And just after 42 days of using the eye lash growth accelerator, thickness, length and visibility of eyelashes were improved by 89%. The product is suitable for both men and women. You get free eye lash accelerator if you buy all 3 Eye Secrets product together.

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