Has much changed for Hoodia since New York Times article in 2005?

What was the problem?

newspapersIn 2005 New York Times ran an article about the effectiveness of Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss supplement and blamed Hoodia manufacturers for false advertising.

This was because many of the products at the time claimed to have been backed in clinical testing but when further research was done into this, no testing or studies could be found.

The Times also questioned whether Hoodia Gordonii was safe and effective to take as a weight loss supplement. Today, Hoodia Gordonii is even more popular as a weight loss supplement but does The Times article still have a ring of truth to it?

Which products were pointed out?

Two of the Hoodia products that The Times article pointed towards as being ineffective and unsafe were Pure Hoodia and Hoodaba. These products at the time had no testing done on humans and no physician testimonials to help validate their claims.

While even 4 years later, it’s true that the number of companies that have emerged selling fake Hoodia has increased significantly, there are many more studies being done and more clinical testing taking place to make it easier for you to check into whether a product contains real Hoodia and whether or not it will be effective.

The New York Times also made mention of the fact that while it was known that real Hoodia contained P57, the main active ingredient it wasn’t believed to be prevalent enough to be able to deliver results of weight loss. Their argument was well-substantiated as a study done by Unilever in the UK tested 10 Hoodia products and found that two of them contained no P57 at all and four contained only very small amounts.

Of the 10, only 4 of the products tested contained a fair amount of P57. While the fact is still true that many products are not using enough of the main active ingredient P57, the testing to see just how much is being used is becoming easier to have access to. It’s also becoming much easier to spot the genuine Hoodia products from the phonies.

UniqueHoodia – genuine Hoodia supplement

box2_0.gifOne product that is a good example of a genuine Hoodia supplement is UniqueHoodia.

This supplement not only comes with a CITES certificate to verify that it is pure and authentic Hoodia but it also comes with an Organic Annex Certificate to verify that it has been unaltered by excessive handling.

UniqueHoodia can help reduce the number of calories you consume per day by 2,000 and while helping you lose weight, also give you more energy.


AN741R.jpgWhile the New York Times article was correct, even 4 years ago, in saying that there were many fake Hoodia products on the market, it was inaccurate in its report that Hoodia does not contain enough P57 to work as an appetite suppressant.

When the proper part of the Hoodia Gordonii plant is used and when a reputable company that is only using the main active ingredient is involved, Hoodia Gordonii can be very effective weight loss supplement.


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