Hoodia Chaser review

What is Hoodia Chaser?

hoodia chaser bottleHoodia Chaser first received world-wide attention when it was featured on the television show 60 Minutes in 2004. This is when people first began to realize the weight loss benefits of this cactus that grows in South Africa.

The cactus, which is the Hoodia Gordonii and not actually a cactus, is a plant that is becoming rarer every day and is actually close to becoming extinct.

This, combined with the fact that Hoodia Gordonii is already a very slow-growing plant that takes at least 5 years before its fine, purple flowers can be harvested and used for its many benefits, is making the use of these products even more valuable.

Because of its rapidly declining population, products claiming to contain Hoodia Gordonii need to have specific certification that verifies the production as genuine, and Hoodia Chaser is one of the few products that has this.

How does it work?

Hoodia Chaser works by suppressing the appetite and making the body believe that it is full, even when only very small meals are eaten. This causes your metabolism to speed up and your body to burn more calories than it is taking in and therefore, causes you to lose weight.

Even the manufacturers claim that among Hoodia products on the market today, this is by far the best due to the fact that it is taken in liquid form and therefore, is absorbed by the body much faster and starts to work much more quickly than other supplements that are taken in a pill form and need time to be broken down by the body.

How should you take it?

Hoodia Chaser should be mixed with water before it is taken. Some believe that 2 drops that are required to be placed into the water is not enough to be effective, especially when it is taken just before a meal, as the supplement recommends. However, clinical trials and other testimonials have also stated that this is one of the best diet supplements they have ever used.

Word of advice

Anybody trying Hoodia Chaser that finds that the concentration is simply not enough to be effective in their weight loss plan should stop using it and contact the company for the money-back guarantee, and not add more drops to the water, as Hoodia Chaser, like any other supplement, can be dangerous if taken incorrectly.

Other users have also claimed that they experienced headaches while taking Hoodia Chaser and drinking plenty of water while using the supplement can help with this.

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Hoodia Chaser does not try to make claims that it is a miracle drug that will make you thin overnight. However, it does promise results when it is used properly and in combination with a person’s commitment to eating nutritiously and keeping with a regular exercise program.

And while you won’t instantly drop pounds minutes after taking the first dose, you will see drastic results in your appetite and will have a great start to your weight loss program as you find it easier to stay away from unhealthy foods and eat small, balanced meals throughout the day.

Do we recommend it?

Generally we are against the use of liquid form of weight loss supplements. If you are going to take a weight loss supplement, then take it in a form of capsule or tablet, so that it is evenly digested by your body.

Therefore UniqueHoodia might be a better option for you, if you’re interested in Hoodia Gordonii products.


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