Hoodia Mint review

What is Hoodia Mint?

hoodia-mint.jpgBecause Hoodia Gordonii is becoming such a popular way to lose weight, as more and more people discover its amazing ability to suppress the appetite, manufacturers continually need to find ways to make their product different from the many other Hoodia products out on the market.

One way that some and sadly, the minority, do is to use real Hoodia Gordonii and another way manufacturers set themselves apart from the crowd is to find something about the supplement that they can improve upon. The manufacturers at Hoodia Mint think that they have done just that.

Their new approach to Hoodia Gordonii is to get rid of the bitter aftertaste their website claims it has and replace it with a fresh, minty taste. Whether or not Hoodia Gordonii even has an unpleasant aftertaste is debatable and whether or not other Hoodia Gordonii supplements have the user tasting them very often or for long periods of time is also debatable. However, that doesn’t mean that this new form of Hoodia is useless. Because Hoodia Mint can be sucked, chewed, or swallowed, it may be a great choice for those who don’t like swallowing hard pills.

Hoodia Mint is a product that uses real Hoodia Gordonii, which is only found in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. This cactus-looking plant has been used for centuries by civilizations in the Kalahari when they must leave on long hunting trips and be without food for long periods of time.

Many products are out on the market claiming to be real Hoodia Gordonii from this rare plant but they are in fact not. Hoodia Mint is not one of those products. Hoodia Mint does contain authentic Hoodia Gordonii and it has the CITES certification to prove it. CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and only products that can show this certificate should be trusted to sell real Hoodia Gordonii and Hoodia Mint can show this certificate.

Hoodia Mint ingredients

Other than Hoodia Gordonii, the only other ingredient in Hoodia Mint is Xylitol, which is only present to lend the supplement its taste. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that can be found in certain foods such as fruits and vegetables. Even though this sweetener is completely natural, it is still a sugar substitute and so should not be taken by people who suffer from diabetes to avoid complications.


Although there do seem to be many benefits to taking Hoodia Mint and it’s most likely effective, at least to a certain extent, it’s unclear how much Hoodia Gordonii is actually in each individual supplement. In order to be effective, at least 1000mg of Hoodia Gordonii need to be taken daily and it’s difficult to imagine that this much is present in Hoodia Mint.

What emphasizes this fact even more is the fact that how much Hoodia Gordonii is used in each supplement is not posted anywhere, on the official site or anywhere else and this should make you wonder even more.

Hoodia Mint most likely will show some desired results in weight loss however, there are certainly better Hoodia Gordonii products on the market that most certainly deliver much more drastic results.


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