Hoodia X57 review

What is Hoodia X57?

Hoodia-X57__130_x_162_.jpgHoodia X57 is just one of the many Hoodia supplements emerging onto the market and just as the rest, Hoodia X57 claims to be able to help you lose weight by working as an effective appetite suppressant. But does it work?

If you go by certain media outlets such as CBS News, 60 Minutes, ABC News, and the BBC, it would seem so. If you do any research at all on Hoodia X57, you will find out almost immediately that the supplement has been featured many times on these shows and others.

What you may not find however, is any endorsement of any kind, other than the original story, that these programs or publications are willing to make. This is in large part due to that fact that using these big names are simply marketing ploys and tactics by the manufacturers and not necessarily actual endorsements.

Hoodia X57 ingredients

What is a little more difficult to find out about Hoodia X57 is what ingredients are in the supplement. The official website of Hoodia X57 claims that the pill is made from Hoodia Gordonii and that it’s even certified to verify the authenticity of the natural ingredient.

However it still remains unclear as to whether or not the active ingredient of the plant, the molecule P57, is present in Hoodia X57. There is no mention of this ingredient anywhere on Hoodia X57’s website and without it, the plant loses all of its appetite suppressant properties.

There are also other online websites that sell Hoodia X57 and these all state that the supplement is made from Hoodia but it’s still unclear which Hoodia plant it is made from. This suggests that like many other Hoodia supplements, Hoodia X57 is made from a blend of Hoodia plants, which will not be effective when trying to lose weight.

Questionable certification

It’s also questionable as to whether or not the manufacturers of Hoodia X57 actually have the certification that they claim they do, stating that Hoodia X57 is made from actual Hoodia Gordonii. Although it states in several places on their website that they have obtained this certification, they do not post the actual certificates on the website to verify that they have them.

They explain this by saying that other fake manufacturers of Hoodia products may copy the certificate and use it and so, they need to keep it off the site. However, other manufacturers of genuine Hoodia products, such as UniqueHoodia, post all certificates right on their site to verify that they are an authentic Hoodia Gordonii product. Truthfully, not posting the certification makes it questionable as to whether or not Hoodia X57 actually has these certificates to support its claim.

Hoodia X57 price issue

Another questionable aspect of Hoodia X57 is the price. It costs almost half as much as products that contain genuine Hoodia Gordonii and that have the verification to prove so. Hoodia Gordonii is very difficult to export from the Kalahari Desert where it originates, and which is the only location in the world to grow the cactus-like succulent plant.

Because of these difficulties in exportation, authentic Hoodia Gordonii is usually quite expensive compared to other supplements and it’s difficult to believe that any manufacturer would offer it at such a low price.


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