Is it really possible to lose fat fast?

happy girl lost weightMost of us are looking for easy and fast ways to lose weight. The first thing you need to know if you want to lose fat fast is that you need to BURN fat. Yes, you need to burn it. Burning fat is all about using way more calories than you take in. If you eat more calories than your body uses during the day, these additional calories will be stored as body fat. To stop a build up of body fat you need to either reduce your calorie intake or increase your daily activity levels – however, if you can do both of these, then that will have the greatest effect on reducing your body fat. This is the formula: the more fat you want to lose then the greater the amount of calories you have to burn off – simple as that.

So, how do you lose fat fast? As we just mentioned, you do this by REDUCING your calorie intake AND by INCREASING your daily exercise activities. To help you achieve and speed up your fat loss, here are few things that help and that you should follow:

  • Speed up your metabolism – Regular exercise speeds up your metabolism. The more active your lifestyle is – the more likely you are to have a quick metabolism and lose weight faster.

  • Metabolism does control weight – Yes this is true. However, most people today are not aware that they really can control and adjust their metabolisms – therefore they can control their weight! The more active your lifestyle – the more likely you are to have a quick metabolism and lose weight. It might not be very healthy for us to get into a highly active lifestyle all at once, but it’s possible to get there as fast as you safely can as an individual.

  • Eat healthy and balanced diet – Make sure you eat a great variety of foods every day, including plenty of veggies, fruits and whole grain products. Don’t forget to include low-fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry, fish, and legumes. Do I have to remind you that you need to drink lots of water? And by all means go easy on sugar, alcohol and saturated fat. You know, western world today sees food as entertainment – that’s a large part of the battle in fighting fat and slow metabolic rates. You need to stop looking at food consumption as something that is giving you gratification. This is what causes us to be gluttons. Instead of stopping when our hunger is sated, we continue on until we are stuffed to get more enjoyment out of it.

  • Be strong mentally – By all means, try not to be so obsessed with your weight. Everyone has a bad day now and then. Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t punish yourself. Try to release all the past mistakes you have made and just go on with your life. Enjoy day by day and enjoy life as it comes.

    Find out how you can reduce excess body weight

  • Get plenty of rest and good night’s sleep – Sleep and other lifestyle patterns will either help or hinder the rate at which we metabolize our foods. If you have an active lifestyle, then it should lead you eventually to being able to exercise to exhaustion; this in turn will keep your metabolism quick and your fat content low. By extending yourself to your limits, you fully utilize lungs, heart, and muscles and burn fat most efficiently.

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