Liporexall review

Liporexall.jpgMost people who want to lose weight will usually consider getting aid in the forms of pills or medication to help them achieve their targets. Of course, the array of diet pills on the market today is quite astounding so some careful research is advised before opting to sample a course or two. Liporexall is just one brand of diet pill which is analyzed below.


This pill contains conjugated linoleic acid, Forslean 95% and super citrimax amounting to nine patented ingredients including Coleus forskohlii – a plant extract – and black pepper among others.

How it works

The manufacturers of this diet pill have tried to fight the problem of weight loss on three fronts. One is to curb the appetite; another is to burn off excess fat and the last is to build lean muscle mass on the body.

Side effects of Liporexall

As with most weight loss pills, many people feel a little jittery when they take supplements that boosts the metabolism, like caffeine for example. Dieters often complain of feeling restless with disturbed sleep patterns and some will have palpitations or increased heartbeat and elevated blood pressure.


Although this kind of diet pill might work, particularly because of the stimulant aspects within, there is no official research as yet. The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee but this may not be forthcoming as the contact details are limited to an email address alone.

It is probably the side effects that will preclude many people being able to take this formula since high blood pressure is common with those who carry excess weight.

Before taking any over-the-counter diet pills it is always advisable to seek medical advice before commencing on a course of tablets that have different stimulants included in the ingredients. Good reviews are interesting but it is a physician’s advice that carries more weight for sure.

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