Meratol Daily Express appearance

Eva-Courtney.jpgOn 27 December 2010 Meratol was featured in the UK newspaper The Daily Express.

Article says that Meratol is a diet pill that is 4 times more effective than other diet pills because it attacks the problem of obesity from 4 different angles: increasing metabolic rate, decreasing caloric intake, burning more calories and blocking of carbohydrates.

And it does this by using 4 well known ingredients in the weight loss world: Capsicum extract, Prickly pear extract, Brown Seaweed extract and Cactus extract.

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Celebrity fans of Meratol

The Daily Express article explains that world’s big celebrity starts like Courtney Cox, Eva Longoria, George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio are all big fans of Meratol diet pill.

Apparently Meratol launched in the US in October 2010 and since its launch about 100,000 units of Meratol were sold. According to the article, Meratol manufacturers say that about 30,000 advanced orders were made in UK alone.

Meratol special deal: £92.99 4-month supply

Is Meratol doctor approved?

meratol.jpgSeveral doctors have already endorsed this weight loss supplement that is set to become one of the top selling diet pills in 2011.

Dr Katie Long (doctor from Glasgow) said: “There currently aren’t any over-the-counter products on the market in the UK that will aid and sustain such considerable weight loss as Meratol.”

Where to buy Meratol?

At the moment Meratol is sold only via their official website. Manufacturers say that their product was released just in the right time, during Christmas, when people put on the most weight.

They say that Meratol will be sold in high street stores somewhere in the spring of 2011 and until then you can purchase Meratol through official website.

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