Metabofire review

What is Metabofire?

metabofire diet pill reviewMetabofire is a diet weight loss pill that is available over-the-counter and claims to be able to help you lose weight by suppressing the appetite, burn calories while you are sleeping, make you feel more energetic and of course, with the slogan, “Set Your Metabolism on Fire”, boost your metabolism, helping you achieve all of these effects.

However, in a world that is overflowing with different diet pills and weight loss products, can you really trust a brand such as this one? You may wonder what the side effects are from this drug and if there are any potential health risks but beware that you may have to do some digging before coming across any such information.

While the company’s website boasts all about its quick results and free trial offer, there are many things it keeps hidden, ensuring that only the very few that are truly dedicated to searching the site will ever read the fine print.

What are the ingredients of Metabofire?

guarana extract MetabofireMetabofire is made up of several of the common ingredients found in products like it including bitter orange extract, green tea extract, and Korean Ginseng extract.

The combination of these ingredients causes you to not feel hungry and burn fat at the same time but while they will help you lose weight, there are side effects that could make this product dangerous for your health!

Although the company does not offer any side effects, one can research ingredients found in the product such as guarana, garcinia cambogia, and synephrine and find that they can cause insomnia, impulse or overeating once Metabofire has worn off, and fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Also, while the company does not readily offer a list of side effects, it does indirectly admit to the possibility of them as it states to discontinue use should it affect you adversely.

garcinia cambogiaThe website also advocates maintaining a healthy diet and proper exercise but one wonders how to eat a healthy diet when you have no appetite and why such measures are necessary when using the product when you could clearly use weight through diet and exercise alone.


Metabofire lures people to their website with the claim of a fabulous product that will “Set Your Metabolism on Fire” as well as a FREE trial. This is to make up for the fact that there is no money-back guarantee but the savvy consumer who presses through the marketing gimmicks will soon find that this free trial is just in fact, another way to get people to buy their product – whether they know it or not.

The free trial works by you sending the company your information, them sending you enough of the product for the 7-day trial. There don’t seem to be any catches with it and the consumer doesn’t even have to pay shipping. But what should raise a red flag is that a credit card number is necessary to receive the free trial offer.

This is because if you don’t contact the company after 7 days and ask them to discontinue sending you the product, they will send it anyway and you will be billed, on the credit card that you so innocently provided.


Although there are side effects to this drug, there are side effects to most pills, especially weight loss pills. However, what may make the consumer especially wary in this case is the fact that there is so little information available about the product and that the company places hidden fees inside a fancy package of a free trial offer.

Do we recommend Metabofire to you?

Absolutely NOT. Don’t even bother with the free trial as “there’s no such thing as free lunch”. If you are seriously interested in diet pills, then you need to take a look at our top recommended diet pills.


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