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Where to buy Proactol?

A lot of our readers ask us where to buy Proactol. They are not sure about the most reliable place for ordering Proactol. That’s why we decided to help you out and point you in the right direction.

The only safe and secure place to buy Proactol online is Official Proactol Website. Please do not buy Proactol from other places on the Internet as it might involve you getting fraudulent product. We contacted Proactol’s official website and they confirmed that they are the only place that is officially selling this outstanding weight loss supplement.

Keep in mind that we are not related to Proactol in any way. You cannot order Proactol from our website. Instead, you have to visit Official Proactol website. Do not forget that Proactol’s website is the only place where you will get additional FREE bonuses when you order Proactol (free toning belt, special diet recipes, access to Home Weight Loss program, slimming aerobics videos…).

Also and maybe the most important thing – you get full 180 days money back guarantee only if you order Proactol from its official website. No other place will offer you such a long money back guarantee!

Order Proactol Today And Start Walking Towards New & More Confident You

Which Proactol package is the right one for me?

As you might have already seen on the Proactol order page, you have a choice of different Proactol packages, ranging from 1-month package to 8-months package:

Proactol package Price Per Pill Price Per Box Boxes Savings FREE Bonuses Total Savings
1 month supply
(120 pills)


$0.75 $89.95 $0 $10.00
2 months supply
(240 pills)


$0.70 $84.48 $10.95 $40.95
3 months supply
(360 pills)


$0.58 $69.65 $60.9 Exclusive Online Aerobic Videos
Access to Proactol Members Area
4 months supply
(480 pills)


$0.52 $62.24 $110.85 Bronze Deal
Home-WeightLoss Fitness Program
Bonus savings: $190
5 months supply
(600 pills)


$0.46 $55.79 $170.8 Silver Deal
Health & Fitness E-Book
Bonus savings: $240
6 months supply
(720 pills)


$0.42 $49.83 $240.75 Gold deal
Health & Fitness E-Book
Bonus savings: $269.95
8 months supply
(960 pills)


$0.38 $45.12 $358.65 Platinum deal
Health & Fitness E-Book
Aerobic e-videos
Bonus savings: $319.90

1, 2 & 3 months supply No free bonuses
Higher price per package
Only for testing or short-term use
4 & 5 months supply Great Free Bonuses!

FREE Toning Belt (RRP $79.99)

Super Total Savings!

Good investment in risk-free product
100% Safe For Long Term Use!

6 & 8 months supply
  • Highest Total Savings!
  • Fantastic FREE Bonuses!
  • FREE Toning Belt (RRP $79.99)
  • Lowest Price Per Pill (as low as $0.38)
  • Lowest Price Per Box (as low as $45.12)
  • Maximum Saving On All Boxes (as high as $358.65)
  • No Long-Term Side Effects!
  • Exceptional investment for long-term weight loss!
  • Highly recommended for seriously obese & overweight people
  • Best possible results expected!
  • Guaranteed Weight Loss!

Click Here To Order Proactol From Official Website

Limited time offer!!!

proactol cheap

*Limited period only!

We’ve just discovered a very special discount offer for Proactol packages of 3 or more months orders. Just use the discount code TELNY8 when you order Proactol and you’ll get £10 off (that is approx. $20 off!)

Now I wonder how quickly you are going to order your Proactol package, since you can’t afford to miss out this fantastic one-time-only offer!

Visit Proactol Website & Act Now Till This Outstanding Offer Is Still On!

According to our readers, the most popular package is 6 months package. Majority of our readers reported that they have managed to reach their weight loss goals using 6 and 8 months packages of Proactol, so we recommend you these packages if you are serious about your weight loss as well as to save the most and receive all possible FREE bonuses.

How can I order Proactol?

order proactol

You have several good ways to order Proactol:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Discover/Amex
  • PayPal
  • Order by phone
  • Order by mail (Money Order, Check, Postal Order, Cash)

Your order is safe & secure if you use Official Proactol website. You have free shipping on all Proactol packages starting from 2-months package.

Don’t forget: Proactol is the only weight loss product we have ever seen that is completely safe for long term use and has no side effects. On top of that, you get 6 months money-back guarantee, which makes this risk-free investment in your health!

Now just imagine seeing your friends’ amazed faces when they see new & more confident you coming into a room and being proud that you achieved what you always wanted to – lost unwanted weight and became slim & more attractive!

Order Proactol Today And Start Shedding Unwanted Pounds As Soon As Possible

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