Proactol vs. Ephedra diet pills comparison

In order to offer you natural alternative to weight loss surgery or similar unhealthy procedures, we have researched the weight loss market for supplements that are clinically proven to work. On this occasion we would like to compare 2 very effective weight loss supplements: Proactol and Ephedra.

What are Proactol herbal weight loss supplements?

Proactol010.jpgProactol is 100% organic fat binder that is clinically proven to:

  • Bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake
  • Lower your blood cholesterol levels
  • Decrease your food cravings while naturally suppressing your appetite
  • Reduce your calorie consumption by over 300 calories a day

At the same time Proactol offers its users many other natural health benefits such as increased joint flexibility and healthier sense of being.

*For more information on Proactol, read our Proactol review

What is Ephedra diet supplement?

ephedra.jpegEphedra diet pills are medically recognized as thermogenic stimulants. Ephedra reacts with the brain in order to:

  • Increase heart rate and speed up your metabolism
  • Boost your energy levels

Through this reaction, your body naturally begins to burn fat in order to match its demand for energy.

Besides its fat-burning properties, Ephedra is used for other purposes: sport enhancement in athletes, treatment of asthma and hay fever.

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Ephedra vs. Proactol weight loss supplements

When we look at these 2 weight loss supplements, we see that they both have a lot of potential. Each of these 2 diet pills can produce a steady weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week (0.5 kg-1kg).

But when we took a closer look into the background of these 2 pills, we were surprised by their differences, namely in the severity of Ephedra’s numerous and dangerous side effects!

Is Ephedra legal?

Ephedra is considered legal only if it is free of Ephedrine alkaloids and is used in a controlled environment.

When it was revealed that Ephedra caused over 155 deaths in the US by 2004, all studies have come to the same conclusion: Ephedra pills must be taken with extreme caution!

Now, what’s interesting is that despite these numbers and its ban by health officials in 2004 (for 2 years), Ephedra is still being used by many people who want to lose weight! Especially in the UK – where it is sold over the counter and can be bought online.

*IMPORTANT: Ephedra is still banned in some parts of USA. For more info visit

Proactol or Ephedra – which one ranks as #1?

ABXTXH.jpgBeing a “side effects-free” and clinically proven to work, Proactol diet supplement is by far more superior weight loss supplement than Ephedra, despite the fact that Ephedra can offer you many additional health benefits.

In one nice & compact package, you can feel confident that when you use Proactol you will be offering your body the genuine article; a supplement that is free from agents or fillers; it’s 100% organic and is medically proven to improve blood cholesterol levels, as well as being a natural fat binder.

Proactol is a supplement that you can take for as long as you need, whilst feeling confident that your body is in safe hands!

We are not saying that Ephedra doesn’t have its own health benefits. It has been used for the last 5,000 years in China as treatment for asthma and hay fever. You can experience the buzz of being able to breathe much easier, while losing weight.

Despite all this, we simply cannot ignore the risks that come with using Ephedra: heart attacks, seizures, hyperthermia… It’s just too much of a risk for short term weight loss solution!

Side by side comparison

Product comparison ephedra.jpeg
Product name Ephedra Proactol
Medical backing Laboratory tested Backed by dieticians across the globe: US, Europe and Australia

For more information Click here

Side effects Severe skin reactions

*Removed from US shelves in 2004 for resulting in
155 deaths.

Re-established in 2006, following a petition, but is still banned in some regions of the US – if the supplement contains ephedrine alkaloids


100% side effects free supplement – Proactol

Our final word to you: if you’re looking for genuine and safe weight loss solution, look no further; we recommend you Proactol 100%. With no known side effects and numerous other health benefits, you can literally find everything you need in one supplement and never have to worry about your body again!

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