Proactol vs. Reductil diet pills comparison

You probably find it almost impossible to find a weight loss supplement that will offer your body the proper support for successfully taking charge of your weight and helping you lose weight just the way you want to achieve it. This is even harder when there are numerous weight loss pills on the market that are proven to hold no medical backing at all.

In order to help you distinguish the real thing from the fake and to find a weight loss supplement that is perfect for you, we have compared popular weight loss pill Reductil to our number 1 recommended weight loss supplement – Proactol.

What is Proactol?


  • Organically made from cactus Opuntia ficus indica
  • Clinically proven to make 28% of your daily fat consumption indigestible!
  • Lowers your blood cholesterol levels
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Decreases your food cravings
  • Reduces your caloric intake by up to 25% (that’s about 450 calories a day)
  • Improves joint flexibility and help aches and pains

Proactol has no known side effects! It is medically backed weight loss supplement (Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC) that has no added fillers, allergens or preservatives. This makes it a perfect alternative to weight loss surgery or similar dangerous procedures.

*For more information on how Proactol check out our Proactol review

What is Reductil?

reductil.gifReductil is prescription-only weight loss supplement (US, Canada & Europe). It is actually a neurotransmitter inhibitor that makes you lose weight by making your body believe it is completely satisfied hunger wise, even if you have eaten a smaller portion!

IMPORTANT: Reductil can only be prescribed when BMI of a person is above 30 and user is aged between 19-64 years old.

For more information on Reductil’s usage restrictions visit:

Both Proactol and Reductil are very similar in their first assessment; they are both noted amongst weight loss community for acting as natural appetite suppressants and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Both weight loss pills can provide you with a steady weight loss of about 1-2 lbs a week (0.5 kg-1kg) if you follow a healthy diet combined with regular exercise.

But after taking a closer look into the history of these 2 supplements and how they benefit your body, we came across amazing discoveries, particularly regarding Reductil’s side effects!

Are you allowed to take pain medicine with Reductil?

Absolutely not. Before any use, we advise you to clarify first with your physician whether it is safe for Reductil to be taken alongside your current medication!

As a matter of fact, Reductil comes with several complicated rules:

  • age restriction (19-64 years);
  • usage of 12 months only
  • should be avoided by anyone who suffers from any of the following: kidney or liver disorder, depression, coronary heart disease or breathing problems

The list is endless, and yet is still growing!

With this in mind, even with its guidelines, users who use Reductil can still develop health conditions that were not there previously: impotency, menstrual disorders, palpitations and tachycardia are just some of them.

None of these can be good for your body!

Proactol vs. Reductil – which diet pill ranks #1?

doctor.jpgAs natural appetite suppressants, these 2 weight loss supplements stand side by side in terms of their results, but when you consider possible side effects, they are leagues apart!

Proactol is 100% side effects free, it is reliable and with no restriction on usage. You can confidently take Proactol for as long as you need and know that your body is completely safe.

Another important fact – there is no shelf life on how long you can use Proactol; in fact, it has been uniquely designed to help you lose those excess lbs and maintain it once it has been lost!

We strongly suggest you to use Proactol as the perfect accompaniment if you have struggled to lose weight in the past and keep it off.

However, we don’t want to disregard Reductil’s many benefits. Reductil has a natural ability to create increased sense of well being while lowering your appetite. This means that you can lose weight at a pace that is right for you… Without actually feeling that you are losing weight.

But, with many guidelines and restrictions that Reductil has, finding the right balance that will keep your body safe involves a lot of hard work:

  • Prescription only: available if BMI is over 30
  • Usage: 1 year (12 months)
  • 12 week trial: If within those 12 weeks you experience a weight loss of less than 5% of your body weight, physicians recommend that you discontinue with the supplement!

After you are finished with using Reductil, you must maintain diet and exercise levels in order to keep the weight off.

Despite what Reductil has to offer you, its side effects are just too many to be ignored. Their levels of severity for example, varying from impotency to heart disease are very extensive, especially when its results are temporary!

Side by side comparison

Product comparison reductil.jpg
Product name Reductil Proactol
Medical backing Extensive clinical trials

*Available by prescription only when users BMI is 30 and above

*Need to monitor blood pressure and pulse rate for first 12 weeks of use

Backed by dieticians across the globe: US, Europe and Australia

For more information Click here

Side effects headaches
dry mouth
abdominal pain
menstrual cycle disorders
kidney disorders

*Use for a maximum of 1 year
*Disuse is recommended if you do not experience a weight loss of 5% of your body weight after 12 weeks


Proactol – 100% natural and side effect free supplement

If you are looking for weight loss supplement that is totally risk-free and free from complications that come with side effects, then we recommend Proactol to you. With absolutely no known side effects, Proactol has numerous health benefits that will offer you the confidence you deserve to begin your journey to successful weight loss!

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