Propolene review

What is Propolene?

propolene.jpgPropolene is a weight loss supplement that claims that it will help suppress your appetite and burn fat. But in a world that is overcrowded with weight loss pills, powders, and potions, does this one work? Upon visiting their website, you’ll see that the manufacturers of Propolene state that “the results will vary depending on differing individuals.”

While this may seem like a noble approach to selling a weight loss supplement, Propolene once toted itself as being a surefire way to lose weight, without having to adjust your diet or exercise at all! People who tried Propolene then discovered that this simply wasn’t true.

Propolene – no evidence that it works!

Although Propolene does prove effective as an appetite suppressant, there is no evidence that it will actually help your body burn fat. Add to that the fact that no weight loss program is complete without a change in diet and activity level, and it’s easy to see why advertisements for Propolene are misleading.

Propolene ingredients

Green tea extract, which is a known fat burner, can be found in Propolene and this ingredient can also boost metabolism, which can also be effective when trying to lose weight. However, the concentrations of the green tea extract simply aren’t enough to help you lose weight. Chromium, which is also known to be a huge help in weight loss is also found in Propolene. The main ingredient in the drug however is Propol.

While the manufacturers have tried to make claims in the past that Propol will combat fat found in the blood stream and prevent it from collecting in the body, this is simply untrue. What Propol will do is settle in the stomach and expand after it has been combined with water. This makes you feel full, even if you have eaten very little.

No side effects?

There are no major side effects associated with Propolene but they can prevent essential vitamins and nutrients from being absorbed by the body and so, if you should take Propolene, it is also necessary to take a multivitamin. However, just because Propolene doesn’t have an extensive list of side effects doesn’t mean that you should take it.

One of the biggest problems with Propolene is that, despite what the manufacturers have claimed in the past, this weight loss supplement simply does not work as effectively as they would like you to think.

Propolene manufacturers charged guilty!

The manufacturers of Propolene have recently been charged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for making false claims in many advertising spots including radio, television, and websites. These claims by the manufacturers of Propolene stated that the drug could make anyone lose weight and that the user could eat whatever they wanted and didn’t have to exercise at all while taking the drug.

All of this, and Propolene would still help you lose 2 pounds a week! Once the manufacturers were found guilty of making such false claims, they were forced to pay $1.5 million in consumer redress and are now carefully monitored by the FTC regarding all paperwork, financial documents, and marketing efforts to ensure that they adhere to the new regulations put forth to them.

These regulations state that the manufacturers must never make false claims again about Propolene or any other weight loss supplement and that the manufacturer complies with the FTC standards.

Propolene – not recommended way of losing weight

Propolene is still available today, although they have been found to be fraudulent in the past. Although this pill may be of some assistance in a weight loss program, it’s certainly not as good as it claims to be and there are certainly more reputable and honest companies that market much more effective weight loss supplements.


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