Relacore review

What is Relacore?

relacore1.jpgRelacore is a weight loss supplement that takes an innovative approach to weight loss. It doesn’t make claims that it will suppress your appetite or that it will burn fat as soon as you consume it.

It does however claim that there is a relationship between stress and weight gain that causes your middle section to bulge and for stomach weight to accumulate.

How does Relacore work?

Relacore works by focusing on cortisol control. Cortisol is the main stress hormone found in the body. During times when someone is especially stressed out, the body will go into overdrive mode making cortisol. Relacore works using Magnolia Bark, its main ingredient, to help lower the amount of cortisol produced by your body and to therefore help you lose weight.

While there may be some truth to this, you have to wonder how large a part stress really does play in weight gain and whether or not there are other factors, such as overeating and improper exercise, that may have a larger part in it.

Side effects of Relacore

One of the most serious side effects that can be experienced after taking Relacore are symptoms that could be part of Cushing’s Disease, which is a hormone disease that affects thousands of people every year. Some symptoms of Cushing’s Disease that could show themselves as Relacore side effects include:

  • sudden and unexplained weight gain
  • face suddenly appearing rounder
  • more fat collecting around the mid-section than usual
  • extreme fatigue and weakness
  • high blood pressure and blood sugar
  • anxiousness
  • depression
  • hair thinning out or new hair growth in unusual places such as the face and thighs, most commonly found in women
  • decrease in sexual appetite
  • disturbances in the menstrual cycle
  • arms and legs thinning out, even if the mid-section and the face are getting bigger

Not all symptoms of Relacore are indicative of Cushing’s Disease but there are some milder, more common side effects that some users have experienced while using Relacore.

These symptoms include: irregular heartbeat or palpitations; blurred vision; changes in blood pressure; feeling drowsy; dizziness; nausea; headaches, from mild to severe; acne; welts; severe menstrual cramping; very long menstrual periods; joint pain; swelling; inability to focus or concentrate, and some weight gain.

Speak to your doctor before taking Relacore!

Some of these symptoms have been connected to adrenal issues while others have found them related to heart issues. In either case, it’s important to speak with your doctor before taking Relacore. The drug should also be taken only under the advice of a physician as trying to control cortisone levels on your own can be very dangerous!

Relacore’s claim that you can lose weight by reducing your stress has been subject to much debate. The fact that one of the side effects is weight gain also speaks to the fact that this drug may not be suitable as a weight loss supplement pill. However, those who do find that they overeat during times of stress may find that Relacore works well for them because it stops them from eating during these times.

Do we recommend Relacore to you?

Since the idea that weight gain is related with higher stress levels is relatively new and not researched enough, we like to be on the safe side; therefore we don’t recommend this diet supplement to you. If you happen to use it, then first talk to your physician about it, as it might not be suitable for you.


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