Slenderite Review

What It Is

SLENDERITE.jpgSlenderite is marketed as a diet aid and mood support supplement. The manufacturer tells you to use the product along with a healthy diet and routine exercise. So far, the product is looking pretty good, but can it actually deliver results?


  • 5-HTP
  • Caffeine
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Green Tea
  • Phase 2

5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid that works on serotonin. Serotonin directly affects mood, anger, appetite and other functions of the body. If combined with other good diet pill ingredients, 5-HTP can have positive effects.

Caffeine is one of several diet pill ingredients that have been proven to have effects through clinical studies. Caffeine works as a diuretic and stimulant that has significant effects on weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate can help regulate blood sugar, which may or may not have any impact of weight loss.

Green Tea is a common best weight loss pills ingredient that actually has benefits. Green tea is well known for its fat burning effects and has become popular within recent years.

Phase 2 is a starch neutralizer. It is a patented ingredient that comes from kidney beans and is formulated to block starch in your body. Although Phase 2 won’t melt fat off your body by itself, it needs an effective supplement to work. These other ingredients are often found in quality diet pills.

There really are some good ingredients in Slenderite. The only issue to consider is the fact that the ingredient amounts aren’t disclosed. This means that if chromium is the main ingredient the pill won’t be too effective, but if Phase 2 is the main ingredient then the product will work better than most. Without information on the amount of the ingredients, there is no way to know.

The Company

The official Slenderite website is just one page with some short informational paragraphs. The manufacturer gets points for providing links to exercise and meal plans that will help you achieve weight loss results. This means that the company is doing the best they can to help you reach your weight loss goals, not just trying to sell you a product.

Pricing and Guarantee

A bottle of Slenderite sells for $22.99, but can be found for under $17. You could also find Slenderite at a good deal on

The official Slenderite website doesn’t have a guarantee, which is unfortunate since it offers promising ingredients.

Is It Worth It?

After considering the ingredients in Slenderite, they seem pretty good. However, without amounts being listed and no guarantee it is difficult to recommend the product.

Although I would say, you have to avoid this product as well. Rather it is up to you if you want to risk spending the money on a product that may not provide weight loss results.

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