Successful Weight Loss: Step 1 – Your Commitment

Weight Loss Begins In Your Own Mind

Girl is smilingThe first step is the most important one. Everything begins with your mind. Everything that happens in your life, everything that you experience, everything that you want to accomplish begins in your own mind.

Feel the excitement that weight loss will bring you!

You need to commit yourself to your weight loss plan. But that does not mean just repeating over and over “Yes, I want to lose weight” parrot fashion. You need to FEEL the excitement that weight loss will bring you. You need to tell your subconsciousness how you would feel if you lost weight right now, and your subconsciousness will lead you towards your goal. This is a mental skill that applies to any goal you want to accomplish, even weight loss.

Project yourself into the future for a moment

  • Imagine yourself hanging out with your friends at a restaurant and not feeling anxious when you order a burger, ice cream or creampie…

  • Imagine how would you feel if you saw a slender, sexy reflection in the mirror, knowing that that person is you… Knowing that you are handsome looking again.

  • Or imagine how your friends would react if they saw you coming into the room looking fit, slim and handsome…

Your dreams WILL come true only if you never give up!

happy friendsRight now this might be just another dream for you, but your dreams can and will come true. You need to decide RIGHT NOW that you want to change! You need to make a decision that you will not give up, no matter what! Every single day remind yourself of your commitment and remind yourself how you will feel when you lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you have failed a 100 times; never give up! If you commit yourself, and follow next 3 steps – you WILL succeed.

Proper Diet

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