The most popular diets out there

One of the most important things that people want to know when they want to lose weight is which diet is the best for them. We would all like to achieve the same thing – to become thin in no time at all! We would actually like to have some sort of miracle pill or eating plan that makes the unwanted weight go away and never ever return. Basically that makes the second part of our big wish: how to make sure that all the weight loss that we achieve stays lost through the years.

There are more diets in magazines and on the Internet today then ever before, and more and more people are confused about what dieting really means and what’s the right way of bringing your body back in shape. A very large number of people have turned weight loss into an industry like never before and that market is growing every year. It seems that today all a man needs is a fashionable idea and a flair for marketing in order to make a lot of money or garner a lot of popularity by presenting a weird diet, despite the lack of professional expertise in this field.

As you might already know, there’s a LOT of diets out there. Here we will only go through the best-known diets, since review of all the diets out there is beyond the scope of this article.

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The Atkins diet

Let’s first start with one of the latest fads in the dieting world: the all-famous Atkins diet. I’m sure everybody has heard of this diet, and that’s because of the flood of articles praising the extraordinary results of this diet, not to mention good mail from satisfied customers. Atkins diet lets you eat high-fat dairy products like cheese and butter, and that is the biggest thing in favor of this diet. However, Atkins diet has the suspicion of increasing the risk of heart diseases, not to mention that a lot of people complain of diarrhea, weakness, muscle cramps and rashes. Keep in mind that the debate over the scientific fundamentals of this diet is still raging.

The Zone diet

Next on the menu is Zone diet, another well known eating plan. This diet is all about eating the right mix of foods in order to reach the proper hormonal balance and it is the brainchild of Barry Sears. This state of balance, which is called the “Zone”, lets the body take in calories and use them during the day without putting anything aside as fat. However, this diet does some serious discrimination among foods without any scientific basis. This diet does not allow Starchy vegetables, whole grains and beans. Keep in mind that The American Heart Association says the Zone diet lacks essential nutrients while promoting high-protein foods.

The Jenny Craig diet

The Jenny Craig diet is next on the list. This diet is one of the longest running diets. It’s been around since the early 1980s and it is still around. There is a tradeoff with this diet: you don’t have to choose recipes, do the shopping and the cooking, but you have to buy the Jenny Craig prepackaged food. And that runs to some $100 a week. Plus the membership costs and also you have to pay for fruits and veggies, which are not included in prepackaged food. This diet is pretty good if you can afford it and if you can stick to it. Keep in mind that you can buy similar low-calorie foods at the grocerie store and you don’t have to discuss with a Jennie Craig expert that will insist on your eating the prepackaged food because he gets a percentage of the sale price.

The South Beach diet

Now, from sunny Florida comes the South Beach diet! This diet really has the right idea, but it has the wrong approach, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong here, this diet works and a lot of people have managed to lose weight with this diet, but the question is: can you really stick to this diet? The 1st phase of this diet will completely remove the carbs from your daily consumption. But this phase lasts 2 weeks. Unfortunately, 2nd phase focuses on a half-hearted return of whole grains and fruits and lasts… as long as necessary. So for example, if reaching the desired weight takes you 1 year, then that is exactly how long this phase is going to last. And if you don’t like the foods allowed by this diet then you’re out of luck. There are no alternatives!

The Weight Watchers diet

Another dieting program that has been around for some time is Weight Watchers diet. This is actually one of the best diets because it puts all the management tools in the hands of you, the user. You have all the information, you just need to be really committed to losing weight and you WILL succeed. A lot of people who are going through the same thing are going to be there to help you. If having company during difficult times helps your willpower, then you are probably going to lose all that extra weight. If, on the other hand, you don’t like the idea of being constantly under peer pressure, then this diet is not for you.

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As you can see, there are a lot of diets out there, dozens more than we’ve been able to cover here. The best thing to do when choosing a diet is to do as much research about it as possible! Make sure that you see what people who tried it have to say. Then see what doctors and dietitians have to say about certain diet. Between those singing praises and those trying to prove the diet wrong you can probably get the truth yourself. Still, pay attention to what the doctors have to say about a diet and you. If they tell you a certain diet will put your body to risk then think twice before trying it. Good luck!

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