Watch out for free trial scam offers online!

AKEED9.jpgBy now you are probably well aware of the many free trial scam offers that flooded the Internet recently. It has been reported that many people lost a lot of money this way.

Probably the most popular offers of this kind were Acai Berry free trial offers. Basically you would order a free trial package of diet pills and you would just pay for shipping and handling (few bucks). But there’s a catch: when you order this way, you will be put on an automatic re-billing monthly list.

This way those companies will keep sending you more packages, whether you want that or not. And of course, that means that they will keep charging your credit card for the full price every time they send you more pills.

Here’s a video clip and an article that I stumbled upon today. You absolutely have to watch it! They investigate free trial offer scams to the tiniest details; they also tell you who stands behind these scams. They even have interviews with several people that lost a lot of money this way. Finally they talked with people like Dr Oz, who finally reveal the truth. For example, did you know that Dr Oz has NEVER endorsed any of those Acai products?


Watch this great video by clicking here

When speaking about free trial scams, it is important for me to tell you that all the products that we recommend on this website DO NOT have free trial offerings whatsoever.

ANNGRW.jpgAll the diet pills that we recommend here come from legitimate companies that have been on the market for several years, have many clinical trials performed and big customer base.

Please, do not be another victim of free trial scams! Think about it – why would anybody give you diet pills for free? There must be a catch somewhere, don’t you think?

Be smart, and avoid free trial offers. Choose legitimate diet pills from respectable manufacturers.

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