What are the benefits of the Grapefruit diet plan?

The Grapefruit Diet is certainly one of the fad diets that were really popular back in the 80s although it has been in one form or another since 1930s. This diet has been discounted by many experts as dangerously unbalanced or simply unable to deliver on its promises. The general thought was that consuming large quantities of grapefruit couldn’t influence weight loss in any way, which relegated this diet to the status of yet another fad diet. However, time has passed and we have new discoveries that are about to rock the traditional view.

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The basic idea behind Grapefruit diet is to eat grapefruit whenever you can, drink a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice with every meal, add grapefruit to cocktails and also to salads. Grapefruit is supposed to go well with the lean meat from crab and chicken and with vegetables, such as red onions, spinach and celery. The biggest advantage is, of course, the fact that grapefruit is virtually fat-free and has few calories. An entire grapefruit has about 70 calories, which means that you can eat about as much as you can stomach and still lose weight.
man eating grapefruit
The best thing about the Grapefruit Diet is a recent study carried out by a team of scientists led by Doctor Ken Fujioka, from the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center of the Scripps Clinic in San Diego. The study has found that, contrary to the opinions voiced by experts in the 1980s, adding grapefruit and grapefruit juice to your diet can actually help you lose weight. And what’s really great about it: you don’t have to change your eating habits at all. Naturally, eating less fat and sweets and doing some exercises is a very good way of speeding up the weight loss process, but you don’t have to go out of your way with this diet.

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According to one study, eating just one half of a grapefruit juice before each meal and exercising a little bit every day has helped a lot of obese people drop an average 3.6 pounds in 12 weeks without any change in their eating habits! Another group drank a glass of grapefruit juice before every meal and lost about 3.3 pounds in the same 12 weeks. While it’s true that losing 1 pound per month gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “slow diet”, you have to appreciate a diet that lets you eat whatever you like and still shed a pound per month. If losing weight is not a stringent affair for you, then you can certainly stick to Grapefruit diet plan for a long time and reap the benefits of it.

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