What are the causes of obesity?


junk food

You have probably asked yourself a question: what are the causes of obesity? Simple answers: obesity is caused by unhealthy eating combined with sustained lack of activity. If the food you eat gives you more calories than you burn, then your body turns on the storage program and puts on fat. That is the basic and simple idea behind obesity.

Among the top reasons why people become obese are disorderly eating habits. No wonder people with neither the time nor the inclination to control one’s meals. If you combine that with a sedentary lifestyle where people usually go everywhere by car, then you get a health situation out of control.

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Keep in mind that obesity can be inherited from a family member who suffered from it. If your family has some obesity history, then it would be good for you to watch your weight.

Junk food

I know that we all have busy lives, but that does not mean we should eat everything fast food restaurants put before us. For example, a single burger is worth a whole meal, but your body simply does not judge the whole situation this way. Your stomach will never be filled by a regular burger, so it will keep asking you for more, despite the fact that your body does not need more burgers!

Do you feel like giving up?

Many people today try different diets, and those diet work for them. Those people manage to lose a few pounds. But you know what happens after that? They quit. They return to the old lifestyle and eating habits, and that almost always means that weight lost turns into weight regained. What’s interesting is, as diet follows diet, your body gets used to these “lean times” and makes it harder for you to lose weight!

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You may say that following a diet for a longer period of time is hard, because you will always crave the forbidden foods. It’s in human nature to crave for foods that are forbidden. Those foods that are forbidden are even more attractive, right? Well, you will need to adjust your diet and lifestyle to your needs, especially you will need to make more time for exercising. This is all for your good and for overcoming obesity.

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