Xenadrine review

What is Xenadrine?

xenadrine.jpgXenadrine is weight loss supplement that helps the body to burn more calories, resulting in significant weight loss.

It also inhibits the body from storing fat which means that not only are you burning more calories than you would normally, your body is also not holding onto fat cells that it would if you did not use Xenadrine.

Mechanism behind Xenadrine

The drug is able to do this because it works on thermogenics. Thermogenics has become a very popular term in weight loss products just recently but Xenadrine has been using this science behind its formula for years. Thermogenics works by increasing the body’s heat production and this in turn is what burns all those extra calories.

The body burns these extra calories mostly when the body is working out and although there are still calories being burned during restful periods, it is because the body has already been put to work through a vigorous workout. For this reason, Xenadrine is most popular with those who are interested in bodybuilding, as they are often working out.

Xenadrine ingredients

There are a number of ingredients in Xenadrine which have helped to make it one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market.

Norambrolide is an ingredient which helps the body use stored fuel, or fat, and converts it into energy. The problem with this is that sometimes, people will take Xenadrine and then not do anything with that energy, leaving it to be converted back into fat cells. This is another reason why bodybuilders find Xenadrine so effective.

Thermoxanthin is another ingredient found in Xenadrine and this is a blend of Yerba Mate, Guarana, Green Tea, and cocoa seed extract. Yerba Mate is a natural stimulant and not only does it also contain caffeine but it also has theobromine in it, which is a stimulant much stronger than caffeine.

Guarana and cocoa seed extract are also used due to their stimulant components and green tea is used because it’s known to have a stimulating effect on metabolism. Vitamin B12 is another ingredient found in Xenadrine and this not only helps to boost metabolism but it also gives you a general feeling of contentment and an increase of energy, which also help to kick-start any workout!

Xenadrine possible side effects

Xenadrine is one of the weight loss products that comes with very few side effects. However, some people have noticed that they experienced some mild side effects while taking the pill and the most common were:

  • a feeling of anxiousness
  • slight shaking
  • feeling light-headed
  • cramps or numbness
  • mild headaches
  • faintness
  • faster heart rate and heartbeat
  • increased sweating and feeling of thirst
  • nausea
  • vomiting

The biggest side effect that you are most likely to find while taking Xenadrine is the massive energy increase that begins almost as soon as you start taking the pill!

Some people have also found that spots appeared on their skin while taking Xenadrine but that they went away once they discontinued taking the pill. These spots are due to the tyrosine found in the drug, which can cause slight change in pigmentation. It is mild and no cause for concern.


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