Xerisan ASA review

What is Xerisan?

Xerisan ASA is a diet pill that is available without a prescription and is to be used along with a calorie-reduced diet and a regular exercise program.

The manufacturers claim that Xerisan ASA will work by reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolism so that your body will be better able to burn calories and therefore, help you lose weight.

There have also been some claims made that not only will Xerisan ASA help you lose weight but it will also help you keep the weight off once it’s gone! So, does Xerisan ASA really work the way it says it does? First, you have to look at what’s making up those miracle pills.

Xerisan ingredients

There are 4 main ingredients in Xerisan ASA and each one of them is said to play a vital role in how the pill works. Synephrine is the ingredient that helps to boost metabolism and Pyruvate, another main ingredient, also helps to boost metabolism but also has the added bonus of suppressing the appetite. Phaseolus Vulgaris is an ingredient in Xerisan ASA that comes from the white kidney bean and this ingredient blocks carbohydrates from being absorbed by disabling the body from being able to digest them.

Added to these 3 ingredients is perhaps the powerhouse of Xerisan ASA which helps to metabolize insulin, reduce fat, give you energy to burn fat by converting sugar into energy, and converts proteins into muscle. There is no argument that any of these ingredients are harmful but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are effective either.

Is Xerisan really effective?

Xerisan specifically states on its website that it is only to be taken for a short period of time and only when used in combination with a fat loss program that lasts at least 4 months. The website also states separately that a regular exercise program is essential when taking the pill and that a calorie-reduced diet should also be followed during the time the pill is being taken.

When looking at the hard work that you still have to put into it, the miracle may not be behind Xerisan but instead, the work that you are doing to lose weight. The chances then are good that you would most likely still lose weight when following a fat loss program, exercising regularly, and eating less calories, even while not taking the pill and still see similar effects. And the effects that Xerisan users find will vary from individual to individual, just as results from exercise programs would also show varying results in different individuals.


Xerisan also states that it is perfectly safe to use and that it doesn’t produce any unpleasant side effects, especially cardiovascular side effects. While there most likely are no major side effects and the pill is perfectly safe to use, it just hasn’t proven itself as an effective weight loss pill.

A healthy diet and proper exercise, as well as watching fat intake, are all part of a healthy lifestyle and the chances are, that you can achieve weight loss results with these measures alone and not by supplementing with Xerisan ASA.


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